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Post by David – So fair warning to future brides. I am a total, horrible, awful tease. I absolutely love showing little sneak peeks on our facebook page and getting our couples all excited to see the blog and gallery. Cathy hates it. Whenever I try to show the couple the photos I take on the wedding day Cathy whispers to me that I can’t show anymore. They are just going to have to wait. Well recently Cathy got all generous and helped me put together a bunch of sneak peeks for our couples this week. Here was Alla’s response when I asked if I should post another of their wedding:

“Godspeed to you if you don’t because I will hunt you down and make you. Please please please post another.”

To be fair I really don’t think she was joking. I imagined her showing up on my door step, breathing heavily because she ran the whole way and demanding access to our computers. Alla might just be the most dynamic bride we’ve ever worked with, a kaleidoscope of different expressions that made her a photographer’s dream. Roman is madly unapologetically in love with her, perfectly complimenting her and the two are nothing but fun to hang out with. And even better, Roman is Chinese and Alla is Russian and quite a few of their family members didn’t speak english. But as with all of our multi-cultural weddings, of which we shoot quite a few, none of that mattered. All that mattered was dancing and laughing and having fun. My kind of party.

Roman was pretty hardcore about his tie. 🙂

Cathy was so excited that she got the steam in this one. Might be my favorite dress shot she’s ever taken. 🙂

Alla. Please don’t ever change. You are awesome.

One of the fun things about having cinematographers working alongside you is that you’ll often get to hear the letters they wrote. 🙂

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room for this little conference call. 🙂

I absolutely loved Alla’s bouquet.

In case you were wondering. Yes. My wife is an amazing photographer. And no. You can’t have her.

Just a couple shots at Adler Planetarium. 🙂

A little makeup between shoots. Off to the Riverwalk!

Alla and Roman brought their family along for portraits at the various locations which made for some great candids. 🙂

I wish I could say I was the one making her laugh so much, but really this is just how they always are. 🙂

Cathy’s smooch shot!

My smooch shot! 😀

No nerves at all… 😉

The obligatory shot of kids for my Mom (who begs to see them) but to be honest this is one of my favorites. 🙂

Sometimes you luck out with amazing natural light in churches. 🙂

I know. You already want to be at this wedding. 😀 Yes. It was as much fun as it looks.

I am still always impressed when a bride fits in a car. It’s like the inside of that car is the TARDIS (yes.. Doctor Who joke…).

We are always a fan of custom lighting at weddings. This is why. 😀

Be impressed that he was able to get the garter like this. 🙂

I may or may not be her dad’s biggest fan. 😀 He reminded me a lot of Cathy’s dad. 🙂

Roman’s parents were so sweet together out on the dance floor! 🙂

To me this was really the father-daughter dance. 😉

So before we left we dragged them outside for a couple extra photos. So glad we did. 🙂

– – –

Chicago, Illinois

. ceremony .
St. James Chapel
835 N Rush Street

. reception .
980 N Michigan Avenue

bride prep . Waldorf Astoria
groom prep . Friend’s Home
designer . Sanimar Design Studio
hair . Hush Salon and Spa
makeup . 
Crizen Hasegawa
florist . Sanimar Design Studio

caterer .
cake .
Flour Cake and Pasty
music .
Dmitry Feldman
cinematographer . LeCape Weddings
officiant . Michael Hoffman
bridal store . David’s Bridal
dress .
Vera Wang
shoes .
Jimmy Choo
tux . Hugo Boss
rings . Goden Dream Jewelers

. honeymoon .
New Zealand and Bora Bora
– – –

Roman and Alla it has been a pleasure being your photographers and I hope so much to be at weddings with you guys in the future and I dearly hope you too come back to us in the future for more sessions. We had an amazing time.

If you’d like to get a glimpse of their day in video format you should definitely check out the same day edit their cinematographers put together and showed at their wedding. It’s pretty awesome and we might make a couple cameos in there. 🙂

Much Love,
Cathy and David

– – –
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