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Post by David – I have to say it’s beyond  bizarre to work a job where family is there. Seeing people you know is both terrifying and relaxing. Terrifying because your nerves are on edge as you try to do your thing, at times looking very stupid to get a specific shot, and relaxing because you don’t really need to impress anyone or worry so much about what they think.

We are the kind of people who thrive under pressure. We used to be graphic designers. We’ve always wanted to be writers. We’ve always gone after careers that are incredibly stressful with seemingly glamorous lifestyles from the outside world. Oh you’re a photographer they say. It must be nice to only have to work weekends. That might be true if I didn’t care about my photos after I take them. Still, wearing sweat pants all week and practically living solely on ethnic takeout from our neighborhood during the winter months is rather awesome. 🙂

We absolutely love this job. And yes, some of the thrill and russian roulette feeling from photography is lost since you no longer have to wait until you dip the picture in solution to make sure you weren’t just fiddling around, hoping it’d all turn out right in the end. But we’re still forced to think on our feet, waiting for the singular moment and having a composition ready when it happens. And when you get exactly what you wanted, there is a thrill and a satisfaction there that I’ve never had with any other job.

(That’s my aunt there on the right, below.)

These are my dad’s siblings, my Aunt Rose and Uncle Robert. I’ve always loved watching them dance.

My dad and step-mom. 🙂

This guy just made our job easy. We love you purple shirt man. 🙂

So what makes things less stressful? Awesome clients. It isn’t about the expensive gear or the new camera bag. And it’s not about buying a new computer that makes the “LOADING…” go away two seconds faster in Lightroom (we have our polaroid shaking habits, believe me). What makes things amazing is getting hired by people who want exactly what you do. That’s who Patty and Rich are. And that’s why we loved their wedding. So thanks to my cousin and her new husband for having us. We loved every minute.

Much Love,
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Press play to watch their wedding slideshow below.

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