North Carolina Engagement Photographer | Destination

by Cathy and David Photographers

Surf City, North Carolina

Post by David  So as you may have read on our blog recently, we went on a huge road trip to do a bunch of destination engagement sessions. This was the first of them in a cute little town called Surf City, North Carolina. The weather was getting more and more scary as we got closer. We finally texted them and said we’d just meet for drinks and have their session back in Chicago when the whether was nicer. But when we got there, the weather held up, everything was overcast and murky but with a little off camera flash work it really turned out amazing. We also got the chance to see Keth’s stunning woodworking projects. He started back in February and now has a full size functional Wall-E among a bunch of others that are awesome.

This thing is amazing.


So many items in their home were made by Keth and I have just started to begin working towards doing woodworking myself. I have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks Katie and Keth for the amazing bottle of wine to take with us to Charleston! You guys are fabulous wine makers and I think you should totally go after Katie’s idea of moving to wine country! Go for it! Open a venue! We will totally come! 🙂


Much love,
Cathy and David

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