Veronica and Nelson / Chicago

Wedding Reception – Alice Millar Chapel
Evanston, Illinois

Wedding Reception – Women’s Club of Evanston
1702 Chicago Avenue | Evanston, Illinois | 847-475-3800

Post by David – Soon after booking Veronica and Nelson we thought that Veronica’s name sounded super-familiar. So we did a little digging and discovered that she was an author, ‘the’ Veronica Roth — a New York Times best-seller and everything. There’s even a movie deal with Summit Films (who did Twilight). She also has an awesome writing blog that we follow. How cool is that? 🙂 It’s always inspirational for us to come across people who have a dream to do something, put their foot down pedal to the metal, and make it happen. It’s the sort of thing that keeps us going and gets our blood pumping with our own life goals (one of which for both of us is getting a book published). Nelson is also a professional wedding photographer and takes some seriously great photos! So no pressure on the writing of the blog or the taking of the photos. Nope. 😀

These two were such a cute couple on their wedding day.  Nelson’s main focus the entire day was Veronica and making sure she was having a good time, that everything was going perfectly for her. I felt the need to remind him a couple times that it was his wedding too. 😉 And when these two finally saw one another, when they were no longer away from one another, it felt like everything was once again right with the world. That’s how it felt for the rest of the night too. When I got in touch with them to send them their wedding photos I found out they were actually living in Romania for a number of months. Wow. Cathy and I have officially added “Live in a foreign country for a month” to our life goals. Thanks again guys for being a blast to work with and Veronica: we look forward to Insurgent with bated anticipation! 🙂

Much Love,
Cathy and David Photographers

PS: If you want to check out Veronica Roth’s book it’s called “Divergent“, book one of a trilogy. We highly recommend it as it’s a SERIOUSLY good read.

Photography by Cathy and David Bock, All Images Copyright 2011.
Cathy and David Photographers – All Rights Reserved.

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