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Wedding Photography Coverage on September 12, 2009 – Chicago, Illinois and Oak Park, Illinois
Post by David.

Dyanne at the reception: “What kind of guy gives you art? Who gives you art as a gift? How amazing is that? How amazing is it that I married this man?? I am so freaking lucky!”

These are the sorts of things we hear at weddings from our couples. I honestly don’t know how we get such awesome people to work with but I’m beginning to think that crossing my fingers has been helping. Reid and Dyanne had been nothing but wonderful that day, and amidst watching all the people laughing, hugging, sometimes singing randomly it really brought the whole day together. Dyanne and Reid are exactly the type of couple we look for. Their photography was important to them, but more than that, it was the memories they wanted to hang on to. They were about connecting with one another, loving one another, having fun, relaxing with friends, and letting the day come as it may. Every moment of the wedding day was a series of connected emotions; the happiness the girls had putting together their own bouquets, the excitement Ried had getting his watch and the care he took unwrapping the paper, the stunned disbelief Dyanne had getting an original work by Chagall that Reid had been saving since last October as a wedding present, the pride in the parents faces, the adoration in Dyanne’s face as her dad gave a truly touching toast, the unrestricted joy that bound Reid and Dyanne together the entire night. Some brides hold it back, some brides are just relaxed, and some, like Dyanne, just let it all out all night long. She and Reid are madly in love with one another, and I honestly don’t know how they made it without seeing each other before the wedding.

After the wedding was over, we all went over to Poor Phil’s at the beautiful Carleton Hotel of Oak Park, where everyone had stayed the night before and night of the wedding. Reid and Dyanne had pretty much insisted that they buy us a drink since we choose not to drink at weddings we’re photographing (even if begged, and offered – though Cathy and I usually finish the evening with a glass of wine when we get home!). It was then that I found out that Reid had been a groomsmen of a wedding by one of my favorite photographers, Becker, an Orange County Wedding Photographer out of southern California. (No pressure, right??) I’ve become more and more shocked as time goes on how small this world is and how interconnected people are through weddings. So many of our brides next year and this year are all interconnected in some way or another, which I’m sure I’ll talk about in the next blog entry (hint hint, Amanda and Roger :-D).

Reid.. Dyanne.. what can we say. We LOVED being your wedding photographers and we, well, don’t know how to say it but we just plain love you guys. 😀 Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding and choosing us! With that said, on with their photos! 🙂

Chicago Wedding Vendors:
Caterer – Twomaytoz Event Catering
Event Coordinator – Kate, Dettagli Weddings
Hair Stylist – Livia Caporale
Makeup Artist – Jill Gosser
Band – Gypsy (Acoustic Band)
Flowers were done by Dyanne’s mom and the bridal party. Awesome right??

The amazing bouquet’s designed by the mother of the bride, and put together by the bridal party.

Cathy loves doing her shoe shots. 🙂

Meet Reid!

Meet Dyanne!

One of my very favorite before the ceremony shots, ever. 🙂

Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica, Chicago, Illinois – This place was absolutely amaaaaaazing!

We love that every bridesmaid had a different colored dress. So cute! 🙂
Taken outside the reception location, The Pleasant Home in Oak Park, Illinois.

-A special thanks to all the vendors who worked so hard on this wedding. The wedding band, Gypsy who seriously were one of the best bands we’ve ever heard. Their sound is awesome and you have to check them out online!!! As well, Kate was an awesome wedding event coordinator and we had a fabulous time working with her. 🙂

Thanks for reading! -David.

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