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Chicago Wedding Photographer | Erin and LeVar | Post by David • “Cathy. You’re not going to believe this, but LeVar totally has my Air Jordan’s that I saved from high school. He has the metal box and everything.” It might have been the proudest moment of my life, seeing that someone else besides myself felt those shoes were cool enough to save. That said, LeVar’s collection is incredible and this is the only pair of shoes I’ve ever been nostalgic enough to keep. I’m not surprised that LeVar is a collector. Having an emotional attachment to something or someone just makes sense for these two. And on their wedding day they collected memories. They cherished each moment, put everything they had into each emotion that hit them, flew arms around family and friends, laughed and cried, sang and danced. They held nothing back. Erin and LeVar are an example of how people should enjoy their wedding day, as their advice (below) suggests. “You only get one shot so laugh often, enjoy yourselves, and make sure you pause to take in the magnitude of the moment.” My hope is that Erin and LeVar keep that attitude throughout their entire marriage. Laugh often. Enjoy yourselves. Take in everything.

Much love,
Cathy and David

ceremony • Trinity United
reception • Ignite Glass Studio
officiant • Trinity United
coordinator • Yolanda Johnson
hair • Laws Concept
florist • Vale of Enna Flowers
caterer • Fanfare by Faye
cake • Bombon
music • DJ Question
bridal • Volle’s Bridal
dress • Matthew Christopher
shoes • Badgley Mischka
rings • New York Jewelers

Some questions for the bride and groom.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? • We went to Playa Del Carmen Mexico and stayed at the Paradisus La Perla resort.  The reason we chose this resort was for the ambiance, and restaurants.

What was your favorite adventure? • No excursions this trip! We really went to enjoy the company of each other and to rest! So our favorite adventure as anytime with a visit to Mexico is navigating to find our shuttle service to quickly escort us to the resort and finding the best location on the beach with the right amount of sun.

What was the best thing you ate? • The best thing LeVar ate was coconut ice cream every night and the best thing Erin ate was the entire 7 course meal prepared at the 3 starred Michelin rated restaurant on the resort.

Do you have any advice for couples getting married? • The best advice we have for couples is to enjoy the entire process, it will all be worth it once it’s over! To live in the moment there is no dress rehearsal for your wedding day you only get one shot so laugh often, enjoy yourselves, and make sure you pause to take in the magnitude of the moment.

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