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Post by David – Oh the burritos. Well, I’ll get to those in a minute. First you have to know that like many of our clients, Heather and Otis are creative professionals. You also have to know that to say that they have good taste is an understatement. I was completely overwhelmed with excitement when I met them at their advertising agency and looked at all of their superbly spectacular mid-century modern furnishings — including what looked to be a Saarinen table where we discussed their wedding plans. So when I accidentally texted Heather instead of my friend Steve with, “TACO TACO TACO!!!” you can probably imagine my face being white as a sheet on the train home from downtown.

Did I seriously just text a random Invader Zim quote to a potential client? To a potential client with amazing taste and super cool furnishings?

I felt like throwing up. With Cathy at home working so hard I didn’t have the heart to call her and say that I ruined everything with a single ridiculous text message. I envisioned her telling everyone that she met with a crazy person. She was probably on the phone already getting a restraining order against me. I got a text message back from Heather. I prepared myself and read, “BURRITO!!!” As hilarious as her sense of humor and reply was, all I could do was stare at my phone for a solid minute or two before calling her and listening to her laugh hysterically on the other end. I knew then that there was no way we wouldn’t be working together and soon after Heather and Otis set things in stone with us.

Their wedding took place in the Modern Wing of the Chicago Art Intitute (of which we’re card members) inside the Terzo Piano restaurant. We’ve been there before for lunch (and it’s DELICIOUS) but never for a wedding and were thrilled to be there. Shooting a ceremony surrounded by giant painted sculptures of angels and skulls, the city skyline off in the distance, it was all rather surreal. It was definitely one for the history books. During most of the time that I met with them, while reserved, they were wildly friendly (and how could I forget that sense of humor). But when that dance floor opened up they turned it up to eleven. My night was complete watching Heather sing ‘Killing Me Softly’ over the mic to Otis. Perfect couple for us. Epic win.

Heather got ready that morning at the Intercontinental Hotel downtown, which was gorgeous.

Heather and Otis. You two were so perfect together and your family and guests were some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. It seemed as though each of them had a unique story to tell, and it was hard for me not to interview each and every person there and here their life stories. Thank you again so much for your fabulous sense of humor, for hiring us and having us be a part of your awesome shindig. We loved every minute.

Much Love,
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