WPPI 2010 Itinerary

WPPI 2010 Itinerary – Cathy and David Photographers

11:30PM Fly into Vegas, go to our room at The Luxor Hotel and pass out.

1:30 – 5:30PM The Bui Brothers Lighting Workshop
9:30PM Southern Weddings Magazine Party – Airhorns and Lasers

MONDAY (Cathy’s 27th Birthday!):
WPPI Tradeshow
12:30: Listen to our wedding photographers, Bobbi+Mike, speaking at the MPIX Booth.
2PM: Check out The Bebbs speaking for ShootQ Pro Theater
3PM: The Becker’s annual Avatar shoot
Super-Dooper Romantic Birthday Dinner with Cathy. 🙂
Go see Alice in Wonderland 3D? 😀
PhotogShootout Party at the Shootout Suite

WPPI Tradeshow
11:00 – 1:00PM Fred Egan and Jory Cordy’s Vegas Workshop
1:45PM: Swing by the Digilabs booth to hear our favorite wedding photog, Ben Chrisman, talk.
2PM: Check out Dane Sanders speaking for ShootQ Pro Theater

6:30PM – Our 2nd Annual WPPI Dinner Party, with:
Kellie Kano
Michele M. Waite
Brianna and Ewan Phelan
Khara and Emir Plicanic
Cathy Crawley
Amanda Wilcher
Kristin Korpos
Riz Crisceni
Christine Elizabeth
and possibly a couple others.
At the moment we’ve got room for maybe 2 more people, so let us know if you’d like to come! We’d love to have you! 🙂

9PM – PhotogShootout Party
10PM – The [b] School Party

1pm – 4pm PhotogShootout Shoot
9:50PM – Overnight Flight to Captiva Florida.

11am – Arrive in Florida, enjoy till Friday

Meredith and Ulises, Destination Wedding!

Enjoy, then fly home, and tell Charlie-Anne how much we missed her!

As a reminder of the above to our clients, we’ll be putting print and album fulfillment on hold until we get back as we won’t have the MacPro with us, just Cathy’s laptop and 4,000 lbs of camera equipment. We will however be doing our best to reply within 24 – 72 hours and will be answering calls on my cell 812-361-9900 as often as is possible.

We can’t wait to be there and are super-dooper pumped to go. 😀 If anyone wants to get together please just drop us a comment, or leave us an email and we’ll set up a time to get together. 🙂

Thanks for reading! – David.

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