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What awesomeness! Recently we were contacted by Heidi of Truly Engaging, a fun resource blog for brides which hopes to engage their readers into conversation and to inspire ideas for weddings. We were completely taken aback when she asked us to write an article for her blog! This was the first time we’d been asked to do something like this and were jumping up and down with excitement at the opportunity. Cat and I both minored in Creative Writing when we were in college so we love any opportunity to write (which is why we write such long blog entries, in fact, Cat usually has to cut mine in half because I go on and on and on, :-D).

Aaaanyways she wanted us to write about couples getting married at famous monuments and we loved the idea. We also took it a step further and added a part about getting married at monuments to love (cheesy right? :-D). We even featured one of our favorite engagement sessions of Brandon and Meghan where I got to take pictures of the actual proposal!! Here is an excerpt:

“…Every couple wants their love story to be recorded in picturesque Hollywood romance style with recognizable locales. They want a place that carries a historic or visual significance as momentous as this moment in their life…”

To read the full article and to check out Truly Engaging’s truly engaging blog go here:

Thanks so much for reading!!! -David.

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