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Post by David – I have this vision in my head whenever I drive our Subaru Forester that I’m driving along the spine of some mountain, or over the crest of an enormous sand dune. Even if I’m just driving over the speed bumps and through puddles in our back alley I get this strange look on my face like I’m Joshua Gates looking for dragons in Tibet. My little Walter Mitty moments aside I had this feeling as I drove Kylie and Ryan over an enormous, probably at least three foot high hump of grass and down a service road that looked like it hadn’t been used in years. Thankfully they looked just as excited (perhaps it was just terrified) at the thrill off road adventure.

We’re lucky in the that we get couples who put up with our quirks (okay Cathy is mostly normal so maybe just mine) and let us do whatever we want to get our photos. It was totally worth it too because we found an amazing spot nestled amongst the trees where these two spun in circles and jumped into each others arms. Correction. Kylie flat out dive tackled Ryan and how he remained standing is beyond me. Point is, we had fun. We had a blast. We had the escape I always look for when driving my desert trekking excursion vehicle.

Like I said. Dive tackled.

It’s finding spots like these that make me want to do a backpacking engagement session some day. Anyone in?

We can’t wait for Kylie and Ryan’s wedding next year. We know these two are going to be an absolute joy to photograph. On a side note, after mentioning my writing site on Facebook, Ryan mentioned that he is a writer too! How cool is that? I love discovering little things we have in common with our clients beyond taking their photos. It makes this job all the more fun! 🙂

Much Love,
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