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Post by David • Kristi and Stephen are our kind of client. Fun. Laid back. Always laughing. Never taking things too seriously and always looking for more ways to have fun. Cathy met Kristi at the Westin and I met Stephen at the Hotel Chicago (formally the Sax Hotel).  Their families were there to help them get ready, Kristi’s dad losing it a bit when he saw her in her dress for the first time. We did their first look down on the river walk and then headed to museum campus for photos before heading to the newly renovated River Roast (formally Fultons on the River) for their ceremony and reception. The entire time, ever moment of the day, these two were laughing and smiling and joking, always together and rarely apart. We adore couples that can’t get enough of one another like these two.

And on a side note — River Roast was running late on vendor meals so they sent us a couple of steaks, the same the guests were having and well… let me tell you.. this was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. And it was catered! If you know us and our experience with food, you know that’s saying something. We’ll definitely be back for dinner at some point, soon! Thanks to Kristi and Stephen for an awesome evening!

Much love,
Cathy and David

ceremony • River Roast / Fultons
reception • River Roast / Fultons
bride prep • Westin
groom prep • Hotel Chicago
designer • Kehoe Designs
hair • Salon 1800
makeup • Solo Salon
florist • Kehoe Designs
caterer • River Roast Social House
cake • West Town Bakery
music • Chicago Players
bridal • Jenny Yoo
dress • Jenny Yoo
shoes • Benjamin Adams
tux • Balani Custom
rings • Steve Quick Jewelers

Where did you go on your honeymoon? • We went to Greece – Athens, Crete and Santorini. We chose Greece for several reasons – Steve is of Greek heritage, neither of us had ever been and we love Mediterranean food! Selecting Greece allowed us to explore an interesting culture, partake in amazing food and wine, meet incredibly friendly and welcoming people and watch amazing nightly sunsets in Santorini!

What was your favorite adventure? • If we had to pick just one adventure, it would be renting a car in Crete and driving to two of their most beautiful lagoons – Balos Beach/Lagoon and Elafonisi Beach/Lagoon – along the western coast of Crete. We had to drive through tight, winding mountainsides inhabited by goats and bee hives (honey is a local specialty in Crete) and hiking down to the most gorgeous lagoons we have ever seen. Along the way we stopped at wineries and little roadside stands where old Greek men and women were selling their homemade honey, olive oil and raki (a local after dinner drink). It was a days long adventure that we will never forget!


What was the best thing you ate? • This is the hardest question of them all – we ate so many delicious things in Greece! In Athens, lamb and stuffed tomatoes (filled with rice, tomato sauce, local spices and mint). In Crete, the local cheeses and honey flavored with thyme were delicious – the best we have had! And in Santorini, they are known for perfect cherry tomatoes, and they use them to make a local specialty, tomato fritters which are lightly fried with green peppers and other delicious spices packed inside. Above all, the food was all so fresh and each place we visited had a local way of putting a twist onto Mediterranean flavors and specialties.

What was your favorite part of the wedding day? • It’s so hard to pick just one moment after 15 months of planning. Overall, being able to celebrate such a special day with each other. And to have our family and friends there to witness the vows that we wrote for each other, to eat, drink, dance – the day went by too fast!

Do you have any advice for couples getting married? • If you like live music – hire a good band. We hired The Chicago Players (after going out to watch more than a handful of wedding/event bands prior to booking) and they were AMAZING. They played music genres that spanned the decades, so everyone had something to enjoy. And they played for 3 hours straight, which felt like it passed by in a blink of an eye. Our dance floor was packed the entire night and we had more compliments on the band than anything else that night! We HIGHLY recommend them and booking live music to keep your wedding rocking all night long.  — And as the photographer I have to agree. These guys were FANTASTIC! 🙂

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