Megan and Josh / Indianapolis

Wedding Ceremony – Geist Christian Church
8550 Mud Creek Road | Indianapolis, Indiana

Wedding Reception – Purgatory Golf Club
12160 E 216th Street | Noblesville, Indiana

Post by David – So let me start by saying that this is the third wedding I’ve shot with Josh’ family. It’s always an absolute blast every time I get to a wedding with siblings. I know that I’m going to recognize almost half of the people there. 🙂 We’ve always had so much fun with their family — from Meghan and Brandon, to Ashley and Jake and now to Megan and Josh. That all being said, Megan and Josh were the stars of the show for this wedding and we had such a fantastic time with both of them, especially so because their portraits were scheduled right at sunset which made for some of my favorite photos of the year, like the one above. What I love even more was how excited Megan was for her blog entry to go up even after she’d seen all of her photos. 😀 The blog is just something we do for fun after all, to showcase our latest work, and has never been a big deal for us! After our big move we set the blog and the website on the back burner for a while until we were all settled into our new place. We were so moved by how much our clients missed reading the regular updates. 🙂 So with that said we’re going t0 blog a lot this year and you’re going to see some personal blog entries in here from time to time as well, just like we used to back in the day.

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Megan and Josh | Indianapolis, Indiana | Wedding Details:
Ceremony Site – Geist Christian Church | Reception Site – Purgatory Golf Club
Catering – Purgatory Golf Club | Cake Artist – A Slice of Heaven | Florist – Royal Creations | Band/DJ – Scott Baker
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artists – Nicole Bryan Salon

It never fails that the groomsmen get stuck with the kids room but this has to be the best one I’ve ever seen. 🙂

Yes I got to drive my own. Yes I was as frightening to ride with as I always am with a golf cart. 🙂

How much I always miss the sunsets in Indiana. 🙂

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