WPPI Photographers | Las Vegas Vacation Itinerary!

So we’ve got everything ready to go for Vegas. By everything ready, I mean we’re excited and have some sense of what we’ll be doing. We still have to pack our bags, make sure everything is ready and head out the door on Saturday morning to meet up with our friends Maya and Pat at the airport. This is our first time to WPPI which is a ridiculously huge party convention for wedding photographers around the country.

We’ve rented a vacation home with some awesome wedding photographers. Maya and Pat, Chris and Allie, Cailyn, and Sheila. We met a lot of them on Becker‘s online community, the [b] school (www.thebschool.com) that is basically a facebook for photographers, on steroids. It’s a place for us photogs to meet with peers, share ideas, network, and build up the community as a whole. As Becker says, a rising tide raises all ships. We’re absolutely thrilled to be a part of it and proud to call ourselves private schoolers. 🙂

So what are we doing when?

Saturday: Arrive in Vegas, head to the house, get oriented, check out the downtown scene.

Sunday: Have brunch with one seriously amazing photographer about the [b] school, and prepare myself for the 2nd annual WPPI poker tourney. Cathy says she’ll kiss me goodbye and I’ll be out before she reaches the door… >.< 

Monday: Enjoy the tradeshow. Attend the [b] party and meet some super-cool people, finally meet some friends in person and help to document the event. Cathy and I are going to rock paper scissors on who gets to do candids and who gets to do the photobooth. 🙂

Tuesday: Enjoy the tradeshow. The Vegas Sign Graveyard Shoot (sold out). We’re going to be leading a group of photographers on this one and then having a party back at the house with our roomies and some awesome photographer friends (we’re trying to limit this party to vegas graveyard shooters and their friends/family only so please don’t ask!! sorry!) for Pizza and some BBQ. After that, head off to the Pictage party from 10pm to 1am. Somehow make it back to the house.

Wednesday: Enjoy the tradeshow. Get our headshot taken by Becker at 10:30. Have dinner with a bunch of photographers at the NobHill restaurant at MGM grand! 🙂

Thursday: Come up with something to do.

Friday: Head home.

Saturday – Sunday: Catch up on all the sleep we missed and blog like crazy. 😀

So there it is folks. That’s what we’ll be up to. We’re super-dooper excited and can’t wait to see you all there!!! We’re going to try and blog at least once a day but we’re not promising anything, we’re just going to do our best. Follow us on twitter (Cathy and David) to see what we’re up to! 🙂

This will be our last entry until we’re in Vegas!!! Thanks for reading!!! -David.

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