New York City Photography Session | Erin and Brian

To say I’ve been looking forward to this session for the longest time is an understatement. 

Cathy and I planned months and months ago of doing a photo session with this awesome couple in New York City as a wedding present. Brian and Erin are some of our closest friends and we wanted to give them something deeply personal for us, and the most personal thing we have is photography. I could go on and on about Brian and Erin and how beauitful their wedding was and how AWESOME these two are but I did that in the last entry! 😀 I think I’ll just let these photos stand for themselves. 

On with the photos!

I love what the signs say! 😀

A couple people were taking our photos while we shot. Guess we looked pretty famous. Hahaha!

Go Naked Cowboy!!!

Favorite! 😀

These pictures get me all choked up looking at them, remembering Erin losing it every 5-10 minutes because she was so happy (and very tired from the long weekend). I miss these two already and can’t wait to head back up there!!!

Here’s hoping we get to shoot another destination session!!! 🙂 

Thanks for reading -David.

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