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So before I go posting pictures from Brian and Erin’s big day, as well as their newlywed session that we’re dying to show you, we just wanted to show you what we were up to! If you’re wondering where Brian and Erin are in all of these, well duh, we’re saving the best for last! 😀

For weeks now we’ve been planning this trip. Who we’d meet up with, what we’d do while we were there. We had decided about a month or so ago that we’d be meeting up with our good friend, Parris Whittingham. A photographer who’s been supporting us and giving his guidance since we started our business. We’ve never had the chance to meet with him so we were totally stoked to do so! We also found out the day we got there that one of our favorite photographers, Michael Norwood was going to be in town. We’ve stalked his blog for a long time now, and read about him with the Mammoth Men, so it was pretty exciting to have the chance to meeting with another photographer we look up to. 

On Thursday when we arrived we were so scared to bring our babies (cameras) into NYC that I only brought my point and shoot, like an idiot, and though we had a ton of fun I just felt naked without our cameras. Parris showed us around town, took us through the projects (“the not totally scary ones”) and gave us a tour that only a resident could give you. It was way outside of our comfort zone, so of course we loved every minute. 😀 We’re weird like that. He also introduced us to Pinkberry. My new sin.

On Friday we met up with Michael at “A Salt and Battery” on Greenwich Avenue where I got so much fried fish and chips and all sorts of other heart choking items that I was in pure heaven. My close friend from college, Mikey joined along for the fun. We all went to the WTC footprints, showed us the Statue of Liberty, to Chinatown, and to Soho. All of which was complete awesomeness and we were so glad to have met and to make a new friend who we know we’ll visit next time we’re in California.

After the wedding on Monday, after we had taken all the portraits, after our friend Mikey had caught his plane home to his pregnant wife, Peyton (WE MISSED YOU!!!), and after dinner at Craft Restaurant (omg… SO GOOD), Cathy, Brian, Erin, and I joined up with Eric (Brian’s best friend from high school) and Elena (his girlfriend). They had just gone freaking sky diving. No joke. Cathy and I have now become close friends with these two and I see why Brian picked Eric as his Best Man, he’s a rockin guy and we loved being around them! 🙂

Anyways… enough of my crazy ramblings and on with the photos!!! 😀

Mikey and I up to no good. 🙂

The amazing Michael Norwood. 🙂

He was nice enough to take this swank picture of us! 😀

The AWESOME Parris Whittingham getting us all filled with happiness. 😀

Us an Michael, taken by Mikey! NICE JOB BUDDY!!! 😀 Why didn’t I bring the nice camera with Parris??

Me getting stimulus overload. 🙂

Eric and Elena bein’ all adorable. See you guys later this year!! 😀

I remember leaving to go for our plane after Elena said we were paranoid that the plane would leave without us if we didn’t get there half an hour early, and Erin had cried on my should and said she didn’t want us to go, the super-nice emails that Parris and Michael had sent us the next day after we had met with them, the giant bear-hug Mikey had given me before he left to go to the airport. It makes me want to get right back on the plane, and go back to that place where we made new friends, saw people start the rest of their lives together, and where Cathy and I know without any shadow of a doubt we want to go back to as soon as we can. New York is an amazing city and I look forward to the day we shoot a wedding out there (call us please if you’re getting married soon out there!!! :-D) so we can capture those moments again. 

I miss it already. -David.

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