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“After the cake is cut, all you have left are the photos.” – Cathy and David Bride.

You may have seen this little quote on some of our adverts that we’ve been using recently, and on our price list, or heard it in one of our Cathy and David Brides videos. We’ve always found that it’s always our couples who can best describe why their photography is so important to them. 🙂 Well this happens to be the quote of just an awesome little lady, Meredith. Like seriously.. she’s just barely above four feet tall, or at least that’s what it looks like! Her guy, Ulises is taller than me. So I knew right away, from the moment we met them at Pourhouse (our usual meeting place, simply because it has the best coffee EVER and we love the excuse to drink great coffee!), that their photos were going to be super fun to take. It didn’t help either that these two were both sweethearts, and madly in love. 

We’ve probably met with these two close to a half dozen times to discuss their wedding plans, invitations, albums, and changes in wedding plans. They first contacted us about just shooting their engagement session in Bloomington. But after realizing that we were perfect for their wedding too, they decided that they would bring us out to Iowa to shoot their outdoor wedding. But, about a month ago we got a very troublesome email that ended up turning into an awesome email. They had changed their plans and decided to have a destination wedding in beautiful Captiva, Florida this coming March and we’re so freaking excited about capturing it for them.

We’ve had the joy of really getting to know these two and, as always, are so excited to be a part of their big day. Meredith was even so kind as to invite us to her doctoral recital where we were amazed to see that she, though so tiny, has such an amazing voice and a crazy-awesome talent for singing opera!!! Anyways, we shot their engagement session a couple days ago and we know Mer’s been on the edge of her seat jumping up and down waiting for these things to pop onto the blog. According to her friend Amanda, when we uploaded our new splash page image Meredith jumped up screaming. So I guess we shouldn’t stall any longer since I’ve been teasing her all day that these were going online. Her last email: “You are killing me, I am dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)”

Meet Meredith and Ulises.

I love this photo. I think it depicts the two of them, just as they are, perfectly. 😀

Anyways, I hope Meredith, Ulises, Amanda, and Summer can forgive my constant teasing of when their photos were going to go up over the past couple of days and love the results because we sure as heck do. Thanks again guys for being such an awesome couple to work with and we can’t wait to see you in Florida!!! It’ll come fast, don’t worry!

Thanks for reading – David.

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