Meredith and Ulises’ Newlywed Session | Chicago, Illinois

Newlywed Session on June 21st, 2010 at Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois – (Post by David) Oh the stories we could tell you about our times with Meredith and Ulises. The first time we photographed them was for their engagement session at Indiana University on the beautiful campus, with Meredith in two of her gorgeous outfits, less than five feet tall but seven feet of energy and happiness and Ulises constantly at her side and beaming with his love for her. Or when they flew us down to Fort Meyers Beach and shot their destination wedding in Captiva, Florida where the guys smoked cigars and drank tequila and the girls lay out in the sun next to the pool at their private beach house. We’ve been working with these two since the beginning and it seems at times like every bride we get is in some way, somehow, connected with these two.

That said, we knew they were perfect for a video project we’ve been working on with Northernlight Filmworks‘ John and Jen Moon (who are some of the absolute best wedding cinematographers in the midwest, if not the country in our opinion). All of us met up at Meredith and Ulises’ new place in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and sat aside while John and Jen interviewed them about their experiences with working with us and went over their beautiful album for the first time. We can’t wait for you to see the video and it’ll be here when it’s done, so just be patient (and that goes for you too Mer! :D).

Next we all piled into our cars and drove downtown to Millennium Park to shoot their newlywed session, and John’s steady-cam team met up with us to get some super-cool shots of us working. We had so much fun with these two and I’d love to say that it was ‘like‘ getting together with old friends, but in all honesty, that’s exactly what it was. We are happy to call them friends and can’t wait to see them again. 🙂

On with the photos!

Meredith’s Accessories (’cause I know people are going to ask!) –
Dress – United Colors of Benneton
Shoes – Bakers
Necklace – Kay Jewelers (a birthday present from Ulises. :D)
Watch – Zales

Meet Meredith and Ulises all over again. 🙂

John Moon explaining his shot to Meredith and Ulises. 😀

People kept asking us if we were making a movie. I said “Yep!” And they’d ask what and I’d say, “Can’t tell! Sorry!” Hahaha. 😀

The setup and the shot. 🙂

Such a gorgeous day with friends. 🙂 John and Jen moon on the right. 😀

These two can always make us laugh and make us smile.

Then we headed a bit into town and went down by the trains.

Might just be my super-fav couples session photo ever. 😀

Handheld at 1/8th of a second in a shaking train station. Yup. Rocked it. 😀

Or is the bottom left my total fave?? Well, the right one is Cat’s favorite. 🙂

Thanks for reading! – Cathy and David, Photographers.

If you’d like to see all of Meredith and Ulises’ photos, go to our Clients page and when they’re available you’ll see them!

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