Laura and Siddique / Chicago

Post by David – Laura and Siddique. What a journey we had with these two last year. There wedding and session we pretty close together actually and we were very proud that one of our images was in the New York Times for their wedding announcement. That felt very cool. We took them all over the city for their session which was over four hours long. 😀 From Lincoln Park, down to North Avenue Beach, and then spending the rest of it at night in downtown Chicago. These two are pretty much one of the sweetest couples we’ve ever met. And they’re absolutely CRAZY about photography. Laura is actually a pretty awesome photographer herself! We cannot wait to post their wedding that we shot soon after their session. 😀 We’re very sad to say though that these two recently moved to Boston, otherwise we would pretty much want to hang out with them every weekend since they introduced us to the joy that is Black Dog Gelato (food is definitely the way to our heart, in case you didn’t know) after their engagement session, and a number of other restaurants we now know and love. Plus they introduced us to Wicker Park, where they live, which is now on our short list of places we want to move to. 🙂 We hope to see these two again soon and we’re ever out in Boston we know who to call on where to go eat!

Friends and Family wishing to see the full session gallery may go here: Client Proofing
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I think this lady wanted in on the action. WISH FULFILLED!!!! 😀

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