July Pictage User Group Meeting

Post by David.

Just a little insight into the personal side of our life. Cathy and I regularly attend PUG meetings. These are for people who use Pictage with their business. Cathy and I love to network with photographers all over the place. We’ve never seen other photographers as competition, but rather just another place to share ideas, gain insights, and better ourselves. We love meeting with people. 😀 It’s a fun chance for us to get together, have some fun, socialize, and sometimes do little fun open photo sessions. There were cameras everywhere!

We’ll be hosting our own photography group meeting (Indy Photog Shootout, a part of the nationwide group, Photog Shootout) on August 12th at our friend Amanda’s place in Indianapolis. If you’re a photographer in the midwest area and want to know more or attend the meeting please send us an email and we’ll pass on the information to you! 😀

Special thanks to Janet for letting us use her place again for the PUG meeting.

It’s always great to see Kiera Dubach and Kurtis Bowerstock, the two below. These two keep me laughing. 😀

Oh that Janet. 😀

You’ll be seeing more of these two in our next blog entry. 😀

The area PUG leader, Kevin Swan, all relaxin’.

I am bothered by the fact that this is pretty much the only face I make when having my picture taken… 😀

One of the photographers brought a video light. I really like how it looks on Cat. Might have to get one. 🙂

Thanks for reading! -David.

PS: The voting for top photographer in Indiana is still going on and we’d love it if you voted for us if you haven’t already! 😀

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