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Wedding Photography Coverage on September 19th, 2009 – Indianapolis, Indiana
Post by David.

We knew when we photographed Anna and Maris’ beautiful engagement session at the Indianapolis Museum of Art that their wedding was going to be something special. Maris has a Latvian background and so he told us that there was going to be lots of partying, lots of dancing, singing, and all around craziness to be had. He didn’t disappoint. 😉

The wedding, at the Pleasant View Lutheran Church itself was bi-lingual, by one of the best pastors we’ve had the joy of listening too. Normally Cathy and I are super focused on taking our photos that we barely hear what’s going on around us, much less hear the messages spoken. We see emotions, and we capture them. But this time we couldn’t help but listen. Maybe it was his heartfelt message, or maybe it was how he said, “And now it is time, that they have been waiting for. Now it is time for the kiss,” in his strong Latvian accent. Regardless, we were captured by those around us, the voices, the different languages being spoken, along with all the laughing and singing that Maris had told us about.

At the reception, which was held at the Latvian Community Center in Indianapolis, we got to see the full extent of the families’ joy for the wedding. The highlight of the evening was watching everyone making Anna tear up (as if they’d heard her say at the Salon that morning that she swore she wouldn’t cry). The big tear jerker (even from yours truly) came when one of the family members performed the Ceremony of the Box. This got everyone choked up. We also got to see a traditional Latvian dance, as Anna is part of the Latvian Dance group at the community center. It was probably my favorite part of the evening, though the loud singing of Maris’ fraternity surrounding him and Anna, followed by more singing on top of the bar, came in at a close second. Every minute of the day was wonderful and from what we could tell it probably went on till sometime this week! Anna and Maris had full day coverage with us but came up to us around 11:30 at night and said, “You know… I know you guys stay till it’s over with full day coverage.. but.. umm.. this probably won’t be over till tomorrow afternoon.” The best man even had a sleeping bag in his car! Now that’s a party! 😀

Anyways, on with the sneak peak of their wedding photos! 🙂

Indianapolis Wedding Vendors:
Bridal Party Hair and Makeup – The Parlour
Wedding Reception Catering – Sahms
Wedding Florist – JP Parker

And now, introducing the levitating Latvians!

When I saw one of the grandmothers (below) I was stunned and shocked at how much she looks like my late grandmother, Renee. I’m not kidding when I say the resemblance is startlingly uncanny!

I absolutely LOVED when all these guys started singing for the couple. It was fabulous. 🙂

Anna and Maris — We loved working with you guys and your family was an absolute joy! Thanks for having us there to share in the excitement! And Anna … seriously … why did you have to get me addicted to TapWord??

Thanks for reading! -David.

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