Huntingburg Wedding Photography | Summer and Ryan

Wedding Photography Coverage on September 26th, 2009 – Huntingburg, Indiana
Post by David.

Back when we shot Summer and Ryan’s engagement session on IU campus we knew they were excited about their wedding photography and having us as their photographers. We had no idea how much so until afterwards and the daily email checkups to see if the blog was going up, lol. I’m not kidding when I say this, but right now I have three different phone numbers and a ton of different email addresses to to get ahold of Summer on her honeymoon in St. Lucia, to let her know as soon as the pictures go up because she’s worried she’ll miss them. I’m wondering if she’s let her cell phone out of her site today. 😀 It’s this and many other reasons that we just plain love these two.

Over the months we’ve come to know this couple very well. How she had the same coordinator and makeup artist as Holly and David, how she loves shopping for things for her wedding, their he-said, she-said save-the-date card, etc. Summer might just be the most excitable bride we’ve ever had the joy of working with. You may remember her hysterical video earlier this year about why she wanted to be a Cathy and David Bride. Summer is 100%, all the time. It’s rare, few and far between when she isn’t full steam ahead. Ryan balances her so perfectly, with his calm temperament, and never-ending stream of patience. The most important part of their complimenting each other is how much in love with one another they are.

The friends and family at this wedding were just as excited for Summer and Ryan as they were. Their friends and family, the entire 450-person guest list, the nearly 20-person bridal party, everyone. Every single one had a story to share of why they loved these two. It was infectious. 🙂 The night concluded with us doing our first ever on-location photobooth (which will make its appearance in the next blog entry this weekend) which REALLY showed their craziness. 😉 We’re so glad that they were the first ones to try it out. Regardless, I’m sure Summer is tapping her foot waiting to see the photos as she reads this, so no more delays, on with the photos! 😀

On a side note you’ll notice a couple of familiar faces! A couple blog entries ago we talked about Amanda and Roger’s Lake Genevea engagement session and earlier this year we shot Meredith’s IU Campus engagement session. Well they were at this wedding!! 🙂 We can’t wait to make more faces at that wedding familiar faces at future weddings (I think that makes sense? :-D).

Huntingburg Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Coordinator and Event Designer – April Foster Events
Bridal Party Hair and Makeup – Stacey R. Mayo and Co.
Wedding Reception Catering – Schnitzelbank Catering
Wedding Flowers Provided by – Huntingburg Greenhouse
Wedding DJ – Boogyin’ Sensation
Wedding Videographer – Special Moments Video

Meet Summer! We still can’t get past how gorgeous her eyes are! 😀 Not to mention those totally bling earrings! 🙂

Meet Ryan!! We loved that him and the groomsmen all had brown tuxes. 🙂

FYI: Summer made her own bouquet. How crazy-awesome is this thing??

My favorite give-away photo EVER. 🙂

So … I really didn’t expect the birds to fly right at me? It was a bit frightening and I’m glad I had a camera to protect my face! 😀

While we were at the bar, poor Summer got a HUGE splinter in her foot. One of her bridesmaids was nice enough to pull it out. That’s commitment for ya! 🙂

This photo still gets me as excited as we were when we saw the spot to take the picture. 🙂

Completely random photo here that Cat snapped while I was running the PhotoBooth. I don’t know why i love it so much!

I love this photo. I love it.

Thanks for reading! -David.

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