Indianapolis Event Photography | Extreme Makeover Home Edition

So how did we luck out doing this? Well I’ve got to hand it to having some awesome photographer friends who hook us up, that’s how! 🙂 We had the awesome opportunity on Monday to get a chance to do photography for Estridge, a building company wanting photography of the work they did helping out Home Edition. It was seriously amazing to be a part of this and I’m so happy we had the chance to do this!!!

It was amazing how fast the building went up in the four hours that we shot there. Seeing all the people working so hard, with big smiles on their faces, so excited to be a part in changing someone’s life was truly inspiring. We love donating our times to situations like these and being a part of them in our own little way and we’d gladly do it again in the future!

Anyways, on with the photos!! 🙂

Below is a picture of us with the Mayor and our good friend Amanda from J|Andra Photography.

Cathy thought she looked ridiculous in her hard hat. I thought she looked adorable. 😀

This was the installation of geo-thermal heating .. I swear they should show it on Dirty Jobs!! It was SO muddy!

Favorite shot of the day by my amazing wife! 🙂

I love the last shot. This was taken all the way down the street and it makes it look like some crazy downtown building being made, rather than a home. 🙂 What an awe inspiring experience. The smell of the mud, the sound of the machines, the crowd constantly asking us where Ty was, people thinking we were someone famous (which was very weird), watching people walk on top of buildings like a tight-rope; and all of it in a little 4-hour time span. Here’s hoping we get the chance to do something like this again. 🙂

Thanks for reading! -David.


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