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As multi-culutural as most of our clients are, each with their unique and special traditions, Nina and Frankie’s wedding will forever be known as the first we ever shot with a mariachi band. We were beyond thrilled. Seeing the beautiful customs that different weddings have is one of our favorite aspects of what we do and when we get to see something special, something we don’t see at every wedding and yet completely common to the couple, we feel we get to grow in a way free of the bubbles that sadly trap the perspective of some people. Cathy and I are not bubble people, not even close. But what we love even more is that the more we see, the less different the world really is. We’ve noticed how similar everyone truly is at the heart of things. The traditions of the world, while at first looking so exclusive, are just different outfits of the same love and excitement that all couples share on their big day. Nina and Frankie were so full of that joy that it radiated off them like like sunshine, warming the faces of everyone who came near them. We feel lucky to have experienced it for ourselves.
– – –

Cathy said the bow tie didn’t last long. He didn’t like it, lol. But he looks so cute!

There’s such a story behind military garbs. I can’t help but ask what every little thing means. Frankie is a very patient man. 😀

I absolutely love this photo. The flower girl is so serious. 🙂

Happiness like Frankie’s is contagious.

I’ll be honest. I kind of wish we would have been able to sit at our wedding! 😉

Half the wedding I think Nina and Frankie completely forgot everything else except one another. 🙂

Holding hands and constantly looking at her. This is what love looks like. 😀

My view (first image, below) and Cathy’s view (next image). 🙂

Nina and Frankie were anything but serious during their portraits. Our kind of couple.

The band was outstanding and so talented. Also? Ever since I went to Mexico as a kid I have had loved mariachi music. True story. 😀

I had to resist the urge to take photos of this couple all night. They never stopped dancing. EVER. Call me guys if you ever want a session! 😉

And then the smoke machine turned on… 🙂


ceremony site . St Peter and Paul Church
reception site . 
Drury Lane of Oakbrook Terrace
florist . Sweet Bliss
caterer .
Drury Lane
cake artist .
Dominos Bakery
hair stylist and makeup artist . Hush Salon and Spa
wedding dress . Allure from Eva’s Bridal
video . Chicago Videography
rings . Kay

– – –
the honeymoon . Jamaica . Sandals Resort
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Nina? Frankie? If you two ever renew your vows, even if it’s like 8 people and your dog? Please call us. Any chance to have fun with the two of you again would be an experience I know we will never forget. Thanks for the fun, the dancing and the chance to meet a couple as exuberant as the both of you. I hope you guys had fun in Jamaica. We are so jealous of the ATV trip you took! Next time bring us along, okay? 😉

Much Love,
Cathy and David

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