Katie and Ray / Chicago

Post by David – Katie and Ray’s session ended up being more than one day because every time we tried to schedule their session the weather would disagree with us. Well we finally had enough and went for it. That day turned out to be a horribly wet day, blisteringly cold, and my fingertips nearly froze themselves off. So after 20 minutes of trying REALLY hard to make it work we gave up and rescheduled. Thankfully even though it was a little bit colder for their next session we at least didn’t have any wet weather. These two were SUCH good sports and we had so much fun working with them. 🙂 Katie and Ray are so cute together, constantly making silly faces, laughing and smiling. We barely even had to direct them at all and they were non stop the whole time lovey dovey. Just the way we like it. 😉

Katie has been so excited to be her photos on our blog and it reminds me of when we were waiting for our own blog entry. 🙂 So here you go Katie! ENJOY! 😀 We can’t wait for your wedding and we so look forward to seeing you guys again!!!! 🙂

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Cathy took these two up on their offer at the bean after I yelled “She’ll take one!!!” I’m glad my wife is such a good sport. 😀

This is one of our super secret spots over by the art museum. 🙂

Honestly! How adorable are these guys? 🙂

Perhaps Ray should have worm this for the rest of the session? 🙂

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