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Post by David One of the first things I chatted with Jillian about was her dress. She was super concerned that it wasn’t going to look good in the photos and be too dark, and she even considered getting a different one. I’m glad we convinced her to keep it (and so was she) because it turned out gorgeous. We met with them at a friend’s home for prep. The gorgeous location ended up being where we took most of their portraits (and involved me driving them around the grounds, off road, in our Forester). Their ceremony took place the day before and was private with family and friends only so we pretty much only had to cover prep, portraits and reception which was kind of a dream come true — especially considering that the reception had over 800 guests. It was important to Jillian to have a lot of group shots of her family and friends and she decided to have us hire on our friend, and past workshop student, Lane Christiansen as a third photographer to focus primarily on group shots and additional angles when possible. Lane was so fun to work with and having us bring along a third photographer can really help when your wedding has more than 300 guests. Special thanks to DiNolfo’s for being outstanding vendors to work with. We highly recommend them!

Much love,
Cathy and David

reception • DiNolfos Homer Glen
bride prep • Friend’s House
groom prep • Family Home

designer • Flowers by Sprinkles
hair • Tamara Hair and Makeup
makeup • Tamara
florist • Sprinkles
caterer • DiNolfos
music • An Enchanted Evening

bridal • Bijou Bridal
dress • Private Label
shoes • Badgley Mischka
rings • Chicago Diamond Center

Where did you go on your honeymoon? • For our honeymoon, Suleiman & I went to Maui. We went there because we wanted a simple stress free vacation after the wedding. & since Maui is in the US we didnt have to go through customs, or exchange currency, we could rent a car and apply the same traffic laws as the mainland, and everyone spoke the common language, so it was very easy to adjust to.

What was your favorite adventure? • Our favorite adventure was “Road to Hana.” Yes it is as magical as it sounds. Basically you drive around a volcano and stop at different points to hike, site see, or swim in waterfalls. Our favorite part of this adventure (& the whole honeymoon believe it or not) is when we reached Haleakalā National Park. You journey 2 miles up the volcano to see a waterfall. About 1.5 miles up four puppies run up to us out of no where! We ask other people on the hike if they know whos dogs they are, and no one seems to know. They were lost! So Suleiman & I bribe these 4 dogs with chips back down the slippery, steep, rocky volcano. (Mind you, they dont have leashes but luckily one has a collar with a phone number) We bring them all the way down to the visitors center and the park ranger takes care of them and is able to locate their owners the next day!! & Yes, I called to make sure someone came to get them because otherwise we were returning to Chicago with 4 puppies.


What was the best thing you ate on your honeymoon? The best thing I ate was at Mama’s fish house.We had their world famous mahi-mahi stuffed with lobster and crab and baked in a macadamia nut crust. Mama’s was defiantly all the hype. It will probably go down as one of my top 5 meals ever.

What was your favorite part of the wedding day? • My favorite part of the wedding day was walking into the reception. There was so much work and emotion leading up to that point, and not just in wedding planning but being in a relationship, and finally getting to marry the person you love. I think the moment I walked into the reception I could literally feel the weight of everything being lifted off my shoulders, and I thought this is it, and it was beautiful.

Do you have any advice for couples getting married? • My advice for other couples would be to not wait till the last minute to do ANYTHING. We waited till last minute to complete small details, which ended up taking up more time than we had anticipated and we werent able to spend time with our out of town guests. Also if something goes wrong last minute you can fix it without feeling rushed. My sisters bridesmaid dress ended up not coming in the day before the wedding and we had to find her a new one at 8pm when stores close at 9pm. It was pure chaos. Everything worked out, it just could have been A LOT less stressful if we planned accordingly.


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