Post by David  We’re leaving to shoot a bunch of destination sessions! Please note that while on our road trip we will be checking and responding to emails. Keep in mind this will likely be once a day, but we are more than happy to schedule talks with new potential clients. If you are an existing client needing immediate help for an upcoming wedding, don’t hesitate to give us a ring. That being said, we are so excited about the upcoming destination sessions we have scheduled.

We’re going to try and take a variety of pictures each day, documenting our road trip and then putting them up on the blog as personal entries (something we’re going to start doing more of as we’ve had some requests and we think it’d be fun to start doing). Likely a lot of this will be the shops we visit, restaurants we go to, book tapes we listen to, places we stop to work on our novels, and landscapes we can’t help but take note of. We’re also working on our art gallery where, if you so desire, you could order a print of the photos we put up. We hope you enjoy coming along for the ride, so to speak, and love hearing from you guys so don’t hesitate to leave lots of comments for us, or even offer suggestions of different restaurants we should go to!

Much love,
Cathy and David


Monday 10/7 – Tuesday 10/8 • Driving to North Carolina
Wednesday 10/9 • Session in Surf City, North Carolina
Thursday 10/10 – Friday 10/12 • Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia
Sunday 10/13 • Session in Jacksonville, Florida
Monday 10/14 • Jacksonville to Atlanta
Tuesday 10/15 • Session in Atlanta, Georgia
Wednesday 10/16 • Nashville, Tennessee
Thursday 10/17 – Friday 10/18 • Bloomington, Illinois
Saturday 10/19 • Home

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