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Wedding Photography Coverage on October 17th, 2009 – Dayton, Ohio
Post by David.

It’s always sad as the season draws to a close. This wedding that we shot just before our trip to San Francisco (which we’ll have a post about in a couple of weeks after we catch up with three sessions we still have to post) was our last wedding of our main wedding photography season (May – October) though we have one more this year that we’ll be shooting in Chicago, Illinois at the end of the month. It’s been a long and awesome season and we’ve loved every minute of it. Our couples have been amazing to us and we’re so excited about the weddings we have lined up for next year (Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, Florida, Cincinnati, French Lick, the list goes on). This blog entry would have been up last week but Cathy and I both came down with a nasty case of the flu the last day we were in California and were running temps of 100+ all last week. Not cool. So now we get to play the catchup game! LOL.

Anyways, this was our second wedding that we’ve had the chance to shoot in Dayton, Ohio. Our first time was Jane and Levi’s Hawaiian-themed wedding that we shot last year. Regan and Ryan’s wedding was near the university campus, but the girls all met up that morning at the Tudor Salon and where I dropped off Cathy before heading off to meet up with the guys at the Alumni house. The fronts of the houses on their street were covered in huge murals congratulating the two on tying the knot. Regan and Ryan were one of the first couples we booked for 2009, so it’s felt like forever since we first started talking to them. So we were so excited to finally meet them in person and capture their day.

After the ceremony we all jumped in the limo bus and headed for some quick portraits and then off to a pizza place where everyone could warm up with a beer. I took the opportunity to run over early to the reception site, say hi to the DJ, and snap some fun little details. Their decorations were super-cool and we loved that the place settings were locations and streets from their life together. As soon as people started to arrive and the speeches were done, the dance floor was packed. Seriously, PACKED. I’ve never seen so many people packed onto a dance floor in my life. It was almost as if everyone was dancing with everyone. The floor was filled with dance lines, invisible jump roping, and people of every age dancing with one another. Sometimes I find myself in these moments, just grinning and watching until Cat elbows me to start taking pictures. 😀

With that said, on with their photos! 🙂

Dayton Ohio Wedding Vendors:
The Church – Holy Angels Catholic Church
Wedding Reception Hall and Catering – Presidential Banquet Center, Kohler Catering
Bridal Party Hair and Makeup – Tudor Salon and Day Spa, Aveda Salon
Wedding Florist – Simply Floral
Wedding DJ – Sounds Great Entertainment
Wedding Cake Artist – Ashley’s Pastry Shop

Guess I don’t have to do my meet so and so thing this time. 😀

I love moments like these where the bride is all choked up. 🙂

One of my faves of the day. 😀

Love the color in this one. 🙂

This might be one of my fave father-daughter shots of the year. 🙂

I. Love. This. Photo.

Second wedding in a row with traditional Irish dancing. Gotta love it. 🙂

So Regan’s bouquet was designed to split into three bouquets. This is the chaos that ensued. 😀

To the kid below — Call me when you get married someday. I’d love to shoot your wedding. 🙂

Thanks so much to Regan and Ryan for helping us finish out the season and being one of the first to book for it. We loved being a part of your day and hope to see you again at many weddings of your friends and family in the future!!! 🙂

Thanks for reading! -David.

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