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If you don’t know what Connor Prairie is, you don’t know what you’re missing. You see, it’s one of those ‘ye olde’ historic villages. You know, the places where people dress up, show you how to churn butter, talk in funny voices, and make you touch cows and throw axes at stumps propped up as targets. So when I got a call from Danielle telling me this was going to be the location of her wedding, I was totally there.

I realized that this place was going to be awesome. An outdoor wedding, with a slightly asian theme, because of Danielle’s heritage, and a couple hundred of their close friends and family. Danielle was by far one of the happiest brides we’ve worked with. Every time we talked to her she would tell us how excited she was about her wedding, she’d tell us how much she was loving the photos on our blog and would go on and on. We loved every minute of it. The wedding day was no exception. Danielle was completely bonkers over marrying Lucas, and every chance she got there was this look of absolute happiness. She was never nervous or tense, only anxiously pumped and wanting to be married already.

After the salon we took their formals, and got ready for the big day, which was unseasonably hot beyond belief but thankfully a strong wind picked up moments before their wedding and cooled everyone off. I was crouched down behind the bridesmaids when the whole day caught up with the both of them. Completely teary eyed they tried their best to get through their vows but had to stop every so often to catch their breath and try and keep it together. It reminded me a bit of our wedding, and I caught a glimpse of the huge grin on Cathy’s face watching them trying not to lose it, and from then on had a permanent smile.

By the end of the night, when the bouquet had been tossed, the cake eaten and the last dance had been danced (and one of the best DJs we’ve had the pleasure of working with) we realized that this had been one of the best. We once again realized how lucky we are to get such sweet couples and their super-cool families. Anyways, we hope you enjoy their wedding pictures as much as we loved taking them.

Cathy’s favorite. 🙂

Lucas, all teary-eyed for Danielle. 😀

My favorite. 🙂

Or is this one my favorite??

Just wanted to give a little special thanks again to Danielle and Lucas for having such a fun wedding, for giving us snacks for the trip home from Indianapolis (you guys seriously didn’t have to, but thank you so much), for their AWESOME wedding coordinator, Kathy, at Connor Prairie and all their super-professional staff, and to their DJ, Terry, who kept people dancing all night. We seriously recommend you guys to all of our brides as you were fantastic to work with. 🙂

Thanks for reading! – David.

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