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Wedding Photography Coverage on October 3rd, 2009 – Hebron, Indiana and Crown Point, Indiana
Post by David.

“Alright Josh. I just dropped off Cathy with Summer, so I should be over there in —insert hysterical screaming here—“

It was then that a rooster the size of a small dog decided to suddenly start chasing me out of nowhere around my car flapping it’s wings wildly and jumping into the air at me. It was quite possibly the most wussy scream I’ve ever made in my life. I could hear Josh laughing on the other end. “I’ll see you soon,” was all I could get out. Seriously people, that thing was huge. I think it had claws.. and sharp teeth.. and.. really.. it was a really really big rooster. After leaving Summer’s mom’s house out in the country I headed into town to meet up with Josh at their home which had recently been decked out for Halloween. Summer apparently loves the holiday and spared no expense. She had a seriously impressive, and well-decorated collection of spiders, snakes, chains, a dead groom, rats, the list goes on. I also had the joy of meeting… quite possibly… the cutest cat in existence. Floyd. I’m not kidding, when I say that every time he walked into the room I think I squealed. Sad, I know. I can’t help it if I’m a cat person.

On another note, Summer makes these adorable little crochet animals. Look for them in the slideshow. 🙂 Seriously Summer, you sell those things on Etsy and I’ll totally make a blog entry just for you about them!!

Summer and Josh’s day… wait.. forgot something. Can you believe we had two Summers back to back? We call them Summer #1 and Summer #2. And no joke, the wedding we shot on Saturday was Regan #1 and the one we’re shooting this Saturday is Regan #2. Also one of the Summer’s has a Ryan and one of the Regan’s has a Ryan. Seriously. I can’t make this up. It’s nuts. And people wonder why I have trouble with names. Okay.. anyways….

Summer and Josh’s day was amazing. From portraits at Lake Michigan to their crazy-awesome wedding reception at the GORGEOUS Hall of Justice in Crown Point, to their CD’s of their favorite music they gave out at the wedding as a favor (always, awesome for drives home I might add). Also, our no-rain good luck held out for us again and every time it rained it was only when we were inside! We loved every minute of their wedding, but as always, and especially with this wedding it never really is about the location or the cool centerpieces, or the amazing outfits. For us it’s about the couples we get to work with. These two were so sweet and an absolute joy to work with. So without further ado, on with their wedding photos!

Huntingburg Wedding Vendors:
The Church – United Methodist Church, Hebron, Indiana
Wedding Reception Hall – Hall of Justice, Crown Point, Indiana
Bridal Party Hair and Makeup – MAC Makeup Artist
Wedding Reception Catering – The Atrium
Wedding Florist – House of Fabian
Wedding DJ – Catalyst Productions
Wedding Cake Artist – Strongbow’s

Meeeeeeet Suuuuummmeeeerrr aaaaannnnd Jooooooosssshhh. 🙂

And meet Floyd! Seriously. Cutest cat EVER.

This shot = Love.

I’m not kidding when I say, we’re good luck against rain. LOOK AT THOSE CLOUDS! 😀

This might be one of my all time favs. 🙂

The jewelry worn by the bridesmaids was all made by the amazing Kim, Summer’s sister. We had the chance to peek at her giant bead collection. Freaking AWESOME.

Thanks for reading! -David.

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