Crown Point Wedding | Backyard

Backyard Wedding | Crown Point, Indiana | Kathleen and James • “Oh no. It’s stuck in a tree. Wait. Wait it’s moving. Nope. Oh. Oh! OH! There it goes!” As the last of the lanterns that got stuck in the huge oak tree tossed and turned into the sky, we gave Kathleen and James an enormous hug. Their wedding day was as relaxed and laid back as they come. Parent’s backyard? Check. Pizza for catering? Check. Cake made by a friend? Check. Their wedding was simple and fun, but for us it was relaxing with them around a bonfire while their friends lit those lanterns that did it for us. And yes, we got to light one, too. It’s more difficult than you might think. You have to unwrap it without tearing, pull it open and then figure out the wick. Once that’s taken care of you have to wait until enough hot air has filled the lantern to let it go; you have to wait until it’s pulling for freedom. Kind of like waiting for the shot, that perfect moment that captures the day. You can’t just take a picture and move on. You have to wait until you think you’ve held on too long. And then the moment happens, you capture it and it’s all worth it.

Much Love,
Cathy and David

Ceremony and Reception in their Parent’s Backyard
Caterer by Gelsosomo’s Pizzeria • Makeup by Mary Kay • Dress by David’s Bridal

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