Copyright and Image Use

All images, design elements, price lists, content, workshop details and information on this website and off that are created by Cathy and David Photographers are copyright. That means you can’t use it or post it without permission. You can’t copy our website design or the words we use to describe our brand. Posting our photography on other websites without permission violates copyright and will likely incur legal action. Giving us credit does not give you permission to post our images, designs or content without permission.

When asked, we are happy to provide images so long as the terms and use below are followed.

The purchase of Hi-Res files (or if included in a package) grants the purchaser a Limited Release for Personal Use. Copyright remains with the photographer. If printed at a lab other than the Cathy and David Photographers, a Photo ID is required along with a copy of your invoice showing the purchase of Hi-Res (or Print-Res) files and these terms of use. Files may not be edited or altered in any way except in the case of resizing for print. Files may not be shared, sold, distributed or used online or made available to any other person(s), family member, business or publication. Cathy and David Photographers DO NOT guarantee the quality of prints purchased through outside labs. Limited release may be inherited by future generations or living relatives. Files may not be edited or altered in any way except in the case of resizing for print or online use. Prints may not be scanned, digitized or duplicated.

Violation of copyright is finable up to $150,000 per image.

The purchase of Web-Res files may only be used online and may not be printed for any reason. Web-res files may be shared among family and friends for personal use so long as they are not shared with magazines, businesses or publications. Any business or publication wishing to use photographs must contact Cathy and David Photographers for permission. Files may not be edited or altered in any way except in the case of resizing for online use. Whenever photos are shared online, credit (©Cathy and David Photographers) and a link back to the photographer website ( must be provided.

By downloading files from our website and/or gallery, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
– You were a hired vendor by the Client for this event and have contacted us (or been contacted by us) for permission to use the files.
– Whenever files are used online, credit (©Cathy and David Photographers) and a clickable link back to our site ( must be provided.
– Files may not be shared with any other party, business, website, publication or blog without our written consent.
– Files may not be edited or altered in any way except in the case of resizing for online or print use.
– If our files are used on social media, you agree to provide credit and a link to our website within the post. You also agree to like and tag our social media accounts within that platform ( and instagram/twitter @cathydavidphoto).
– Hi-Res files may be used for print advertising so long as credit is clearly provided for each photograph.
– As a reminder, copyright remains with the photographer.