Ezra is Eight Weeks Old!

Post by David • It’s crazy to even think about. Our son is eight weeks old (though these newborn photos are from when he was six weeks old). Can you believe it? Every day he blows our mind. And when he smiles? It’s like fireworks go off and it takes everything I have to keep stirring the pot, so my emotions and love for him don’t boil over. I explained it to a friend, “It’s like seeing a sunset, squishing your toes in the sand and trying watermelon, all for the first time.” I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed that our son is happy and healthy. And with as well as this kid sleeps I know we must have put a coin in the karma jar at some point.

What’s incredible is that even though it’s astonishingly stressful, and exhausting and overwhelming at times — Cathy and I are always working together as a team, always aware that the other person is struggling just as hard to keep up. And Cathy? She’s amazing. I don’t know how she does it.

So what does Ezra like right now?

Well.. he loves the shelf above his changing pad (and his changing pad is his favorite place to look at Mom and Dad). He absolutely loves his mobile that’s shaped like swallows. He likes music and singing (especially David Bowie; that’s my boy). He loves the smell of peanut butter and likes the sound of wrappers. He’s discovered sounds recently and realized they come from things, not just the air but a specific object or person. He can tell when a person walks in the room and he kicks his legs like crazy (that’s what he does when he’s excited). He loves his reflection and he loves his giraffe (we named him Oswald) and he loves his turtle (a gift from our friends, Wes and Necia, who we named Miss Olivia). He’s not a big fan of tummy time unless it’s on Mom or Dad’s chest. We’re not sure if he likes church yet because he always gets hungry about 15 minutes in. More than anything … he loves the great outdoors and looking at the huge maple trees in our front lawn, listening to the wind and watching cars go by. He’s never afraid and never scared and always looks as if he’s ready to say to me, “Okay, Dad. Let’s go that way. Let’s see what’s around that corner.” And some day, son. — I’ll show you.

Much Love,
Cathy and David

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