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From Amanda and Miguel’s guest sign-in book, written at the front: “It’s funny to think that such a short while ago what was a girly daydream and in a few lightning fast days will become reality. It’s exhilerating to think about mushing our lives together and shaping those two seperate tracks into one path. I wonder what life holds for us. What will be the greatest daily joys or smiles? What will be our struggles as husband and wife? What will our marriage look like? What shape will it take? What sort of goals and aspirations will we have for our marriage?”

Today’s post is a very special one. :)

Okay, well, every wedding we post on here is special (of course!!), but this one is special for a couple of reasons. In our last blog entry we talked about our two year anniversary. We talked about our amazing wedding we had in West Lafayette, Indiana at University Church, where we had the joy of having our wedding photographed by two amazing photographers who inspired us to go for our dream of being wedding photographers too. So why is this post so special? Because not more than four days after our two year anniversary, we were back in West Lafayette, Indiana shooting a college friend of mine’s wedding at University Church. It doesn’t stop there though, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Miguel is an awesome church friend of mine from back in college, and an amazing guy. I remember seeing him every Sunday morning, and the trip we went on with the church to Florida for Habitat for Humanity (this was back when I had bleached blond hair, …yah… don’t ask to see pictures people!!). He was always one of kindest and most generous guys I had met in my years at Purdue. We found out he was getting engaged to what he thought to be an equally awesome lady. We jumped at the opportunity, especially when he said he was getting married at the church we were married in. Every time I thought about it I got choked up. So this past Saturday morning we arrived at Evan Todd Aveda Salon in West Lafayette and met with Amanda and her hair stylist. It turns out Amanda had the same hair stylist as Cathy and was shocked to see her, and her much shorter hair (Cathy’s hair was twice as long back then! :-D). I met with Miguel and the guys at Dave’s Cutting Edge downtown and watched as the guys got a shave an a hair cut, getting themselves looking super cool and pretending the aftershave wasn’t making their faces melt.

When we got to the church it all flooded back to us. This was the first time we had been back there since our wedding! It was the same as it had always been. It was so strange being on the outside looking in, in the same place where we were married. I found myself occasionally staring into space with amazement and found myself strangely quiet. Cathy and I at one point had a quick walk down the aisle together for old times sake.

Amanda doesn’t seem to hide anything and her excitement was plastered on her face the entire day. I could tell Miguel was nervous, and excited all at the same time but up until the wedding he was pretty mellow, but when she came down the aisle and they got a good look at each other, Miguel’s face lit up so bright I thought I was going to have to drop it down a couple stops (sorry, photographer joke). After the wedding we headed over to their house to let out their dog Athena who is an absolute sweatheart. Then it was on to the reception! :)

At the reception, held at Trails Banquet Facility (seriously wonderful food and service, you guys were great!!) it was even more of the happy joyful people we’d met during the day, and all of them dancing. Seriously, I think only a half dozen people didn’t dance the entire time. Miguel’s friends and family from Guatemala tore up the floor all night long to an amazing DJ, Buddy King, who seriously worked it out. :-D One last note of coincidence. After the wedding reception we got back to our hotel and got a phone call from Miguel. It seemed we had forgotten our tripod at the reception hall! Mike (of Bobbi+Mike) had done the same thing at our wedding and it was a great conclusion to our weekend of friends, love, coincidences and flashbacks.

Anyways, on with the photos, now super-sized for your enjoyment!!

Love this shot. Cathy rocked this one out. :-D

Cathy’s shot from the top story of the parking garage. :)

My shot from right in front of them. :)

Another Cathy and David, moment. Here’s Cathy’s shot. :)

And here’s my shot. :)

Amanda’s family and friends did this whole crazy song and dance Mama Mia! show for her. It was awesome. :)

Amanda and Miguel— Thank you guys so much for having us as your photographers. It’s not often we get to go to the weddings of people we know or our friends and family so thank you again so much for making us a part of your day. We love every single minute of it and we wish you guys the best of luck in Seattle. Best of luck to the new Dr and Mrs! :) Show them what Purdue is all about out there guys!!! Boiler up! :) (Wait.. did I just say Boiler Up? I live in Bloomington.. I should be more careful. :-D).

Thanks for reading!!! -David.

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