Chicago Family | Mercedes’ First Birthday

Chicago Family Photographer | Meredith and Ulises | Post by David • As mentioned in the last blog entry, Meredith and Ulises have won the record for most sessions by a single client. That makes them family. They’ve also attended more weddings than any other client. So when Mer messaged me on Facebook about taking pictures for her beautiful daughter’s first birthday, I said yes without even thinking. Normally a birthday party would be something I’d be hesitant to accept but I knew that Mer and Ulises would want us to simply capture what we see, document the day as it happened and would only want a couple of portraits (in fact we had to ask them, lol). We had so much fun seeing familiar faces from their Florida Destination Wedding and watching Mer and Mercedes open presents together. I cannot wait until the next event we document in their lives, or the next session they have us come to. Thank you so much for your trust and love. You’re the best!

Much love,
Cathy and David

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