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I have to say that I love when people have pets, as I may have mentioned once or twice in recent posts. So it’s always fun when people ask if they can bring their dog along. For some reason people always act as if this is some strange thing. Is it okay? Would it be alright? It’s not to much trouble? We were hoping that maybe? I have always thought of our cat as part of the family and if Cathy and I whenever we do a session with someone. I feel as though something is missing when Charlie-Anne isn’t in there for at least one or two photos. In fact, we’re planning on having our friend Barbara over at Poppy Blue (one of the best pet photographers in Chicago) take some pictures of Charlie. So of course I said yes to bringing the dog. I always say yes! When we got to Montrose Beach it turned out there was this huge techno music festival going on but it ended up working well for us as we spent time looking for quiet places that we probably wouldn’t have otherwise found, had the place been empty. I love how things work out sometimes.

Their dog was so sad to not be able to play with all the other dogs.

Venus was just plain adorable and they were so sweet together. 🙂

Me: “Yes, lay in the sand.”
Dennis: “Actually this is kind of comfy. I’m going to take a nap.”
Me: “Okay.”

Nap over! Let’s go!

So of course after letting them lie down for a while I had to make them trek up this gigantic hill.

Their dog was completely thrilled to find a stick. Stick was a good friend for a solid ten minutes.

“Okay, run! Run!”

Your wedding is getting closer and closer guys and we are so excited for your big day! I hope you two had as much fun with me as I did with you and I cannot wait for you to see the full gallery when it goes live this evening. For all the laying down and getting up and sand in shoes and climbing hills and running on hills and yeah. All that stuff. Thanks for doing all of it with big smiles and open arms.

Much Love,
Cathy and David

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