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Wedding Photography Coverage at the Champaign Country Club – Champaign, Illinois
Post by David. – Cathy and David Photographers

We first talked to Holly and Todd about their New Year’s Eve wedding less than 4 weeks before it was to take place. They had just become engaged in October and after being together for three years, they simply couldn’t wait any longer.

So a couple of weeks later, with a fresh layer of snow upon the grounds of the Champaign Country Club, we met up with Todd an hour before the wedding. We found him in a bit of a panic and slightly worried for his bride to be. Apparently, the salon doing Holly’s hair was an epic fail, as they say, and after two hours of the stylist screwing up her hair, Holly had thrown up her arms and gone home to do it herself. Todd shouldn’t have been worried though. Holly did an amazing job and was an absolute joy, as the rest of the day went by flawlessly. We had so much fun with this couple, counting down the clock with them, laughing with their friends and family, and having such an awesome time for our last wedding of 2009, and first (:-D) wedding of 2010.

A special thank you to the Champaign Country Club for their amazing service, care and kindness. You guys were great! 🙂

Champaign Wedding Vendors
Cake Artist – Trefzger’s Bakery
Caterer and Reception Hall – Champaign Country Club
Florist – English Hedgerow
DJ – Charley Luber

Holly editing her vows. 🙂

In this shot: Bride, Groom, Flowers, Step-Mom, Childhood friend, Officiant. All at once.
“Booyah!” as Ashton Kutcher would say. 😀 Sorry. Love those Nikon commercials. LOL!

Quite possibly one of my favorite bridal portraits. 🙂

Love. ^_^

Holly and Todd were sweet enough to let us drag them outside when it was 11-degrees out. 😀 Thankfully they were hot enough. 😉

Normally I don’t post things like family formals on the blog, but I just found this one too touching to resist. 🙂 It might be my fav of the day.

We’re just as confused as you are. 🙂

Cathy’s favorite shot of the day. 🙂

Happy New Year’s!

These have to be quite possibly, the BEST senior portrait photos, EVER. 😀 They had pictures of their childhood at every table, each one a different age group.

Thanks for reading! – David.

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