Cathy and David Brides | Meredith

So when we interviewed with Summer for our first Cathy and David Bride video, her friend Meredith was there. Meredith was recommended to us by one of Summer’s bridesmaids (Amanda, who is totally awesome) to shoot her engagement session next year. After we talked about her wedding in Iowa we convinced her to consider us as her wedding photographer even though she is about eight hours away (6.5 according to Meredith, or at least that’s when she’s driving). We got a call a couple weeks later from Meredith after suggesting this, where she told us that we were going to indeed be shooting her wedding and she couldn’t find anyone she liked as much as us. This of course made our day. As we’ve said before we get some of the most awesome couples to work with and these two are some of our favorite brides (in all honesty though I think all of our brides are our favorite??). Either way, she was nice enough to answer some questions for this, our second Cathy David Brides video! 🙂

Cathy and David Brides: Meredith from Cathy and David Photographers on Vimeo.

We hope you enjoyed it!! OH! I forgot to mention. Thanks so much Meredith for talking us up at Mira Salon. We totally appreciate it and our hair stylist, the amazing Ashley seriously got a total kick out of hearing someone talk about one of her clients! 😀

Thanks for reading watching! -Cathy and David.

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