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Photographs from Christmas 2008

So continuing with our big stream of photos I’ve also got a… well a lot… of Christmas photos. We tried our best to narrow down our favorites but it was hard to have less than 15 so it is a little over 20. 😀 Either way though, we had SUCH a fun time this Christmas with our family and we can’t wait till next year!!!

Still to come: IndyPUG Christmas, 5DMark2 Preview, Portrait Session, and a Wedding we’re shooting tomorrow!! Enjoy the Christmas photos till then!!! 😀

The way to Illinois was a bit.. Foggy?

First we went to my Dad’s for sweet potato pie! 😀

and um… some dancing? 😀

My step-mom and dad lookin’ so cute together. 🙂

Then off to my mom and step-dad’s place. Where we met up with them and my sisters and brother-in-law!

Mom and her new flip camera. 🙂

Me in my “Nobody Reads my Blog” shirt. Becker, eat your heart out. LOL.

New trunk emblem for the Fiat! YAAAY!! 😀

My sister, Betsy, a bit excited about her Christmas present. 😀

My brother-in-law David enjoy presents and a beer. 🙂

My big sis, Norrie, works for and came all the way from London! 😀

And people wonder why I don’t mind driving 4 hours to go home??

I got a little remote control helicopter for Christmas. Lou gave it a ‘whirl’. 😀

Checking emails, and ‘zoned out’, as Cat calls it (she thinks I wouldn’t know if the world blew up), looking at the [b] school, which I have to admit I’m totally addicted to. 😀 If you’re a photographer is simply one of the coolest things to belong to. We’d love to see some of our friends on their (::cough:: Amanda and Kyle) exchanging ideas and networking with everyone out there!! We look forward to seeing you in there sharing ideas!!! Such a great place to learn new things and ‘hone the craft’. We LOVE IT! 🙂

Then it was to Cathy’s family Christmas (that’s three, lol).

Roxanne checking to see what Victoria brought her. 😀

Donnie, Cathy’s dad, looking all cool in his new jacket. 😀

Deb, Cat’s mom! 🙂

Cat’s sister Mindy, and her fiance Joe.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 2008!!! 🙂

There’s more to come so stay tuned!! We had such a wonderful year and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us. We already have over 15 weddings set up to go and a couple months are completely booked so I know we’re going to be busy busy busy. 😀 We’ve also got our trip to Vegas in February and our trip to San Francisco in October. Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly!!

We’re also working on our weight watchers diet. My dad recently had a bit of a scare with his heart and thankfully all our prayers got through and all was fine but it really got us to thinking about what we eat and so we’re trying to get ourselves into good habits while we’re still in our prime. We had been just trying to cut back and lost a couple lbs here and there but we’ve decided to get healthy make a ton of yummy home cooked meals. We’ll try and keep you guys all up to date on our progress and hopefully the wiifit will eventually stop telling me I’m overweight. Argh. We even downloaded little point calculators for our iPhones (I got Cathy her own iPhone for Christmas and she can’t put it down. HAHA!!).

The Fiat that Lou and I have been working on is coming along smoothly and I’m told it might be driving next summer or fall, one can only hope. We’re going to try and post more blog entries than we did last year even if we’re not shooting an event or a wedding.

Anyways, thanks so much for all the comments, the christmas cards, the emails, the phone calls, and for all of our super-cool super-sweet couples we get to work with and their amazing families. We’re SO excited about the weddings we’re shooting next year in over five different states!! It’s going to be AWESOME!!!

Thanks for reading -David.

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