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Ezra is Eight Weeks Old!

Post by David • It’s crazy to even think about. Our son is eight weeks old (though these newborn photos are from when he was six weeks old). Can you believe it? Every day he blows our mind. And when he smiles? It’s like fireworks go off and it takes everything I have to keep stirring the pot, so my emotions and love for him don’t boil over. I explained it to a friend, “It’s like seeing a sunset, squishing your toes in the sand and trying watermelon, all for the first time.” I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed that our son is happy and healthy. And with as well as this kid sleeps I know we must have put a coin in the karma jar at some point.

What’s incredible is that even though it’s astonishingly stressful, and exhausting and overwhelming at times — Cathy and I are always working together as a team, always aware that the other person is struggling just as hard to keep up. And Cathy? She’s amazing. I don’t know how she does it.

So what does Ezra like right now?

Well.. he loves the shelf above his changing pad (and his changing pad is his favorite place to look at Mom and Dad). He absolutely loves his mobile that’s shaped like swallows. He likes music and singing (especially David Bowie; that’s my boy). He loves the smell of peanut butter and likes the sound of wrappers. He’s discovered sounds recently and realized they come from things, not just the air but a specific object or person. He can tell when a person walks in the room and he kicks his legs like crazy (that’s what he does when he’s excited). He loves his reflection and he loves his giraffe (we named him Oswald) and he loves his turtle (a gift from our friends, Wes and Necia, who we named Miss Olivia). He’s not a big fan of tummy time unless it’s on Mom or Dad’s chest. We’re not sure if he likes church yet because he always gets hungry about 15 minutes in. More than anything … he loves the great outdoors and looking at the huge maple trees in our front lawn, listening to the wind and watching cars go by. He’s never afraid and never scared and always looks as if he’s ready to say to me, “Okay, Dad. Let’s go that way. Let’s see what’s around that corner.” And some day, son. — I’ll show you.

Much Love,
Cathy and David

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We’re parents!

If you follow us on Facebook or have been one of the billion people I’ve told, then you know that on June 25th, we had an absolutely beautiful baby boy. His name is Ezra Samuel and we absolutely adore him. Ezra was born two days before I had to shoot Christine and Mike’s wedding — thanks for the love guys!! — so Cathy was still at the hospital when I shot it! We’ve already taken dozens of photos of him but these are just a few of our favorites. Cathy is recovering incredibly well and her labor was super fast and trouble free. We feel so blessed to have such an amazing son and we can’t help but thank God every time we look at him. Our small group from church has also been kind enough to bring us meals once in a while to lighten our work load and this weekend was the first time we brought him to church with us! As of this evening, he’ll be three weeks old! It’s crazy how fast he’s growing. We deeply appreciate the kindness and support we’ve gotten from our family, friends and clients. You guys are all amazing. We’ll be sharing more and more photos of him as he gets older and I have a feeling we’ll be super-pros at taking baby photos by the end of the year! Wish us luck!

Much Love,
Cathy and David

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New Blog Entries! | Baby Announcement!

We’re currently hard at work updating our website. Most recently, we updated our blogs to better present images with an easier to use click-thru gallery for each blog entry. As well, we’ve made navigation easier. We’re working hard on putting together a portfolio gallery as well for sessions and weddings. It’ll be an easy way to go through our favorites and to get a good feel for our style without having to go through all of our blog entries or the full sample weddings/sessions. We hope to have new blog entries starting early this coming week and I’ve put together a list of upcoming blog entries, below.

Marika and Joel’s Wedding
Kathleen and James’ Wedding
Katie and Chip’s Wedding
Terri and Albert’s Wedding
Megan and Steve’s Engagement
Morgan and J.A.’s Wedding
Emily and Paul’s Engagement
Terri and Shelby’s Engagement
Brittany and Chase’s Wedding
Malorie and Matt’s Wedding
Angela and Mike’s Maternity

And while we’re at it, here’s a sneak peek from Marika and Joel’s Wedding!

chicago_illinois_photographer-marika-joel-1And we also have a very special announcement for this blog entry. We’re having a baby! Our son is due in June of 2015 and we couldn’t be more excited. Cathy is very healthy and so is our little Tama-chan (our nick name for the baby). We’ve got a lot to prepare for and probably some additional memory cards to buy. And in case you’re wondering if we did some kind of special announcement — yep!

Cathy and I are both huge Wes Andrerson fans and decided to do our baby room themed loosely around his films and the movie, Moonrise Kingdom. We then did an overhead shot of some of our baby room items in his signature style, the familiar yellow type and put together this fun announcement that we put up on Facebook last month. We hope you like it!


Much Love,
Cathy and David

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Post by David  We’re leaving to shoot a bunch of destination sessions! Please note that while on our road trip we will be checking and responding to emails. Keep in mind this will likely be once a day, but we are more than happy to schedule talks with new potential clients. If you are an existing client needing immediate help for an upcoming wedding, don’t hesitate to give us a ring. That being said, we are so excited about the upcoming destination sessions we have scheduled.

We’re going to try and take a variety of pictures each day, documenting our road trip and then putting them up on the blog as personal entries (something we’re going to start doing more of as we’ve had some requests and we think it’d be fun to start doing). Likely a lot of this will be the shops we visit, restaurants we go to, book tapes we listen to, places we stop to work on our novels, and landscapes we can’t help but take note of. We’re also working on our art gallery where, if you so desire, you could order a print of the photos we put up. We hope you enjoy coming along for the ride, so to speak, and love hearing from you guys so don’t hesitate to leave lots of comments for us, or even offer suggestions of different restaurants we should go to!

Much love,
Cathy and David


Monday 10/7 – Tuesday 10/8 • Driving to North Carolina
Wednesday 10/9 • Session in Surf City, North Carolina
Thursday 10/10 – Friday 10/12 • Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia
Sunday 10/13 • Session in Jacksonville, Florida
Monday 10/14 • Jacksonville to Atlanta
Tuesday 10/15 • Session in Atlanta, Georgia
Wednesday 10/16 • Nashville, Tennessee
Thursday 10/17 – Friday 10/18 • Bloomington, Illinois
Saturday 10/19 • Home

Interested in booking us for a destination session?

Please fill out an inquiry form and we’ll schedule a chat!

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