Bloomington Engagement Photography | Summer and Ryan

Post by David.

Do you remember Meredith and Ulises? Well Mer’s friend Amanda has a friend named Summer. Summer told Amanda who told Mer. That’s how the story goes. At least I think so. Currently we have 7 or 8 brides that are all crazy interconnected together..

Anyways, Cathy and I have been in talks with this amazing couple for what seems like forever now and we’ve been so super-super pumped to shoot their session. They even let us do our first night-time engagement session which we’ve been so crazy excited to do. Well here’s the deal though. This sessions should have been last weekend but it rained. This weekend however the skies were clear and it worked perfect (despite feeling like a billion degrees out). These two drove all the way from their new home in Pittsburgh to do this session and that makes us feel all sorts of special. I could seriously go on for hours about how much we love these two but Summer might go even more crazy if I don’t post this as fast as possible. 😀 She’s been so freaking excited to do her session since we did Mer’s that it’s been driving her bonkers. So either way, on with the session!!! Prepare yourself, this is a long one. Since they let us do a night session with them we pretty much included both parts! It was so hard to get down to this many!!! 😀

Summer and Ryan were so thrilled that we were able to get onto the court and into the stadium for some of their photos. Even though we’re die-hard Purdue grads, we totally understand having school spirit. Plus it was super fun. 🙂

The sky was AWESOME!

As the night grew later and it got darker, we got more and more excited. Starting with this one!

We kept getting so excited about Summer’s eyes. And for good reason! 😀

Ryan said he was super-nervous but we think he looks very calm and cool. 🙂

Quite possibly one of our favorite engagement photos, ever. LOVE THIS.

Seriously though.. could this couple be any hotter!??!

There’s nothing funnier than two people having fun in front of a spot light. 😀

This is one of Cathy’s favorites, and I think it’s one of mine too now. 🙂

Well. Time to publish this thing so Ryan can get some sleep from Summer not leaving him alone about their session. 😀 We cannot wait for your wedding guys. Thanks so much for being such a fun couple to work with and for letting us have some late-night fun! 🙂
Thanks for reading! -David.

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