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Engagement Photography Session on October 7th, 2009 – Indianapolis University Campus, Bloomington Indiana
Post by David.

Oh the connections game. It continues onward. Meet Elizabeth and Erik. Do you remember Lizzie and David’s Bloomington wedding? Well Erik is David’s friend, and Elizabeth was Lizzie’s roommate (who knew Amanda bla bla bla), not to mention we’ll be shooting David’s brother’s engagement session next week. The list goes onward. We were so excited after we shot Lizzie & David’s engagement photos in Bloomington to hear from Elizabeth & Erik that they wanted us to be their engagement photographers, too, but even more excited when they hired us to be the photographers for their Atlanta wedding at the end of January of 2010! Yes. That’s right. Atlanta, Georgia. Only a couple more months guys!!! We are SO excited! 🙂

Although Erik didn’t attend the initial meeting that we had with Elizabeth, we were able to get to know him at Lizzie & David’s wedding where he was a groomsman and I quickly caught on that he has a knack for making people laugh (especially Elizabeth!). We had so much fun with these two, and they were so super-kind enough to put up with my terrible jokes that I just plain love them. 🙂 We are so excited about their wedding and can’t hold back any further — on with the photos!

My shot.

Cathy’s shot.

Did I mention these two are awesome?

How awesome are her eyes? This is my favorite photo of all of them. It’s just them. 🙂

Cathy’s shot.

My shot.

I’m not kidding when I tell people we get music majors, lawyers, and graphic designers. 🙂

We’ve been waiting for the right couple to shoot near this greenhouse. They were it. 😀


Elizabeth is easily distracted. 😀 Which makes for great photos. ^_^

Little story here… Bloomington, Indiana’s own Finch’s Restaurant (which has AMAZING food btw.. I went here for my birthday with Cathy) is the location of where Erik proposed to Elizabeth. We love being able to shoot in locations with history for our couples. It makes the photos so much more important. 🙂

We loved taking your engagement photos guys! Thanks so much for having us!!! See you in a couple of months! 😀

A note to upcoming current/potential brides and clients. First off, we’re fully booked for sessions in October. We just can’t do anymore! Second, we’ll be on vacation from October 24th to November 1st in San Francisco, California with my parents. We’ll put up an away blog entry when we leave (and there will be PLENTY of postings while we’re gone) but just giving a heads up in case some one needs to get in touch with us for anything, NOW is the time!! 🙂 As well, if there are any photographers who want to meet up while we’re out there, leave us a comment and let us know and we’ll see what we can do! 🙂

Thanks for reading! -David.

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