Brittany and Chase

When I talked to Brittany and Chase about where they wanted to do their Chicago Engagement Session, they mentioned they wanted a beach feel, and without even hesitating, I suggested North Avenue Beach. It's a gorgeous location with lots of different locations to work with all in one place as well as having some great views of the city on the Hancock side of the skylin[...]

Christine and Mike

I met Christine and Mike over on Michigan Avenue for their engagement session. With the weather in flux we were a little worried but it ended up turning out to be a beautiful day! The plan was to head down towards one of the many Fire Stations as Christine "grew up in a fire station".

Marika and Joel

Marika and Joel hopped in their car and headed up to our place. We were worried about the weather all day but decided to go for it and I'm glad we did and having to schedule the session minutes before sunset (because of the weather) made it even better.

Erin and LeVar

Erin and LeVar were awesome (even though fog does cruel things to hair) -- laughing and smiling the entire session. And their great attitude paid off, because weeks later, on their wedding day, we returned to Olive Park for their wedding portraits and the sky was crystal clear (even though it was supposed to rain).