Erin and LeVar

Erin and LeVar were awesome (even though fog does cruel things to hair) -- laughing and smiling the entire session. And their great attitude paid off, because weeks later, on their wedding day, we returned to Olive Park for their wedding portraits and the sky was crystal clear (even though it was supposed to rain).

Danielle and Michael

It's been really fun going back and looking at the sessions and weddings we did earlier this year as we get caught up on our blog. Danielle and Michael's engagement session is no exception. Cathy is currently making the final touches to their wedding photos and we hope to have them available to the bride and groom by the end of this coming week (if not earlier).

Maria and Brandon | Chicago

I have to say that my favorite part of this session was that Brandon’s sister came along for the session to and carried their jackets and purses and clothing. We got a message from one of our photographer friends asking us who we hired to carry stuff and while I she wasn’t hired for the day, I might consider it for the future! :D

Brook and John | Milwaukee

After swinging by a small moped shop to inspect on some potential parts for my Vespa Ciao that I’m restoring, we headed over to the river to meet up with Brook and John. We love Milwaukee. And every time we do a wedding or session there I have the craving to come back.