Exmoor Country Club | Highland Park, Illinois | Kathleen and Charles • It’s been a while since we photographed a wedding at the Exmoor Country Club. Our last time there was with Kara and Blake. It’s an absolutely beautiful venue. And this time we got to enjoy the day with our good friend, Mike, with Mike Hendzel Events who is one of our favorite videographers in Chicago. It’s always wonderful when you work well with other creatives on the wedding day. You can work as a team rather than competitors. I (David) met Mike that morning with the groom while his assistant met with Cathy and the bride. Chip (Charles) was excited for his big day, excited to where his tuxedo and hat and look extra fancy. And by that I mean, have fun being “fancy”. These two were hysterical and kept us laughing the entire day. We hope their marriage keeps them laughing and smiling, too.

Much Love,
Cathy and David

Reception at Exmoor Country Club • Honeymoon at Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Music by John Paris Band • Video by Mike Hendzel Events • Dress by David’s Bridal • Shoes by Chanel

Backyard Wedding | Crown Point, Indiana | Kathleen and James • “Oh no. It’s stuck in a tree. Wait. Wait it’s moving. Nope. Oh. Oh! OH! There it goes!” As the last of the lanterns that got stuck in the huge oak tree tossed and turned into the sky, we gave Kathleen and James an enormous hug. Their wedding day was as relaxed and laid back as they come. Parent’s backyard? Check. Pizza for catering? Check. Cake made by a friend? Check. Their wedding was simple and fun, but for us it was relaxing with them around a bonfire while their friends lit those lanterns that did it for us. And yes, we got to light one, too. It’s more difficult than you might think. You have to unwrap it without tearing, pull it open and then figure out the wick. Once that’s taken care of you have to wait until enough hot air has filled the lantern to let it go; you have to wait until it’s pulling for freedom. Kind of like waiting for the shot, that perfect moment that captures the day. You can’t just take a picture and move on. You have to wait until you think you’ve held on too long. And then the moment happens, you capture it and it’s all worth it.

Much Love,
Cathy and David

Ceremony and Reception in their Parent’s Backyard
Caterer by Gelsosomo’s Pizzeria • Makeup by Mary Kay • Dress by David’s Bridal

  • Lori Herrin - Love all of these. But one of my favorites, of course, is the one with the three little boys and their expressions and the lady pointing her finger at them. Priceless.

  • Jan Ward - Great pictures!!!

Skokie Banquet Center | Chicago, Illinois | Marika and Joel • This is Part Two of Marika and Joel’s wedding. Be sure to check out their Nigerian engagement party, too. I (David) don’t have much of a filter. I don’t keep my feelings to myself. Maybe that’s why I get these two. I cannot express to you the joy and excitement and emotion that seeps through the pores of this amazing couple and my only hope is that our pictures do that justice. When people look at these photos, my hope is that potential brides get a chance to see how a wedding is supposed to be. Fun. Happy. Exciting. Care free. And while weddings can be glamorous and gorgeous (and theirs was — I mean look at her dress) they aren’t meant to be stuffy or taken too seriously apart from commitment and love. My opinion is that the wedding is the first day of the rest of your life together and so, it should be an example of how you want your life together to be; these two showed how that’s done.:)

Much Love,
Cathy and David

See their engagement session here.
Ceremony at Alice Millar Chapel • Reception at Skokie Banquet Center
Coordinator by Smitten Bride • Cake by Baking Institute • Caterer by Skokie Banquet Center
Music by DJ Bonsu • Video by Lexoria Wedding Films

Dress by Ysa Makino • Tux by Calvin Klein

  • Lori Herrin - Yes David and Cathy, your pictures did do it justice. What an absolutely stunning wedding and even more, the joy and happiness you captured in every single photo! Beautiful job!

Monsignor Thiele Center | Chicago, Illinois | Marika and Joel • These two are our perfect type of client. Fun, outgoing, care-free, and madly, deeply, in love. They wear their emotions on their sleeves, are unafraid to cry or laugh as hard as they can at a moments notice. More than that, they are unfailingly kind. Marika and Joel’s wedding was our first time seeing a Nigerian wedding ceremony. And lucky for us, it took place over two days. This is part one (the first day), the traditional Nigerian engagement party. At this wedding we also discovered Nigerian food which is now something we’re actively pursuing to try cooking at home! As you can likely tell from the photos, it was outrageously fun — full of dancing and singing. And in case you’re wondering, yes. Yes we want to do more Nigerian weddings! Stay tuned for part two! • We also did a mini-session near our lake house with Marika and Joel. You can see it here!

Much Love,
Cathy and David

  • Chicago Wedding Photographer | Skokie Banquet Center - […] and Joel • This is Part Two of Marika and Joel’s wedding. Be sure to check out their Nigerian engagement party, too. I (David) don’t have much of a filter. I don’t keep my feelings to myself. Maybe […]

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