Post by David • It’s crazy to even think about. Our son is eight weeks old (though these newborn photos are from when he was six weeks old). Can you believe it? Every day he blows our mind. And when he smiles? It’s like fireworks go off and it takes everything I have to keep stirring the pot, so my emotions and love for him don’t boil over. I explained it to a friend, “It’s like seeing a sunset, squishing your toes in the sand and trying watermelon, all for the first time.” I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed that our son is happy and healthy. And with as well as this kid sleeps I know we must have put a coin in the karma jar at some point.

What’s incredible is that even though it’s astonishingly stressful, and exhausting and overwhelming at times — Cathy and I are always working together as a team, always aware that the other person is struggling just as hard to keep up. And Cathy? She’s amazing. I don’t know how she does it.

So what does Ezra like right now?

Well.. he loves the shelf above his changing pad (and his changing pad is his favorite place to look at Mom and Dad). He absolutely loves his mobile that’s shaped like swallows. He likes music and singing (especially David Bowie; that’s my boy). He loves the smell of peanut butter and likes the sound of wrappers. He’s discovered sounds recently and realized they come from things, not just the air but a specific object or person. He can tell when a person walks in the room and he kicks his legs like crazy (that’s what he does when he’s excited). He loves his reflection and he loves his giraffe (we named him Oswald) and he loves his turtle (a gift from our friends, Wes and Necia, who we named Miss Olivia). He’s not a big fan of tummy time unless it’s on Mom or Dad’s chest. We’re not sure if he likes church yet because he always gets hungry about 15 minutes in. More than anything … he loves the great outdoors and looking at the huge maple trees in our front lawn, listening to the wind and watching cars go by. He’s never afraid and never scared and always looks as if he’s ready to say to me, “Okay, Dad. Let’s go that way. Let’s see what’s around that corner.” And some day, son. — I’ll show you.

Much Love,
Cathy and David

Dinolfo’s Banquets of Homer Glen | Homer Glen, IL | Sarah and Tarik • A couple of days after their Henna Party, it was time for Sarah and Tarik’s wedding reception. I have to say that there’s something super simple and easy about reception-only coverage. Sarah and Tarik had a private ceremony, so all we had to worry about was prep, portraits and dance floor. No photographer will argue with that! Dinolfo’s is one of our favorite venues (mostly because of how terrific the staff is to work with) so we were thrilled to be able to shoot there again. Cathy was 37 weeks pregnant when we shot this wedding, so our friend Lane worked as a third shooter for us (photos 20, 22, 27, 29, 30, 31 and 34 are hers) so that Cathy could get some rest. Lane actually helped us shoot our first Palestinian wedding there for Jillian and Suleman. It was wonderful having her along at the last wedding that Cathy shot with me before we had our baby. And while our associates did an outstanding job for us in her absence, it’s been wonderful having Cathy back. Thanks so much guys for being so easy to work with. We hope to see you again in the future!

Much Love,
Cathy and David

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Belvedere Chateau | Palos Hills, IL | Sarah and Tarik • In our next blog entry we’ll be showcasing Sarah and Tarik’s wedding reception, but we wanted to share a small sampling of the photos we took at their Henna Party. This was a Palestinian wedding and because of cultural customs we can only show a couple of the crazy good photos that Cathy and Mysi (our second for the evening, as it was girls only) took that evening. A special thank you as well to our friend Mysi for doing such a great job (note: photos 7 and 10 are by her) and for helping my very pregnant wife (she was 37 weeks). We can’t wait to showcase our favorites from their wedding reception!

Much Love,
Cathy and David

If you attended the henna party and would like to see the photos, please contact the bride and groom.

Room 1520 | Chicago, Illinois | Chelsey and Rudy • We still remember finding out that Chelsey and Rudy lived upstairs from Meredith and Ulises, a past couple of ours and had shown interest in our work before even finding out about that connection. To be honest though, that was a small reason as to why we knew these two would be such a good fit for us. These two have been nothing but fun to get to know as we got closer and closer to their wedding. Even more so, it was an absolute joy to be a part of their wedding day. Even with the rain that tried to sneak up on us time and time again (though never succeeded) nothing could dampen their spirits. And as we left for the night, they gave us each a big hug and got right back to partying (and I’m sure they did for the rest of the night). Thank you guys for being such an amazing couple to work with. We hope to see you again in the future!

Much Love,
Cathy and David

See their engagement session here.
Ceremony at Room 1520 • Reception at Room 1520
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