Katie and Keth

Katie and Keth wanted a reclusive spot for their outdoor ceremony and discovered the beautiful County Line Orchard in Hobart, Indiana. When guests arrived, wooden signs (handcrafted by the groom) directed guests to hop on a tractor-pulled wagon, which carried them to the ceremony site nestled in the orchard. We've been so lucky this year to have so many outdoor weddin[...]

Wedding Guide Chicago | Published!

Just wanted to write a special thank you to the team over at Wedding Guide Chicago for featuring Jillian and Sam's wedding on their awesome website. Features are a chance for us to show of the details and other images that we typically capture on a wedding day that we don't normally post on our blog. You should click their graphic below, head over and check it out! A [...]

Jillian and Suleiman

One of the first things I chatted with Jillian about was her dress. She was super concerned that it wasn't going to look good in the photos and be too dark, and she even considered getting a different one. I'm glad we convinced her to keep it (and so was she) because it turned out gorgeous.

Danielle and Michael

It's been really fun going back and looking at the sessions and weddings we did earlier this year as we get caught up on our blog. Danielle and Michael's engagement session is no exception. Cathy is currently making the final touches to their wedding photos and we hope to have them available to the bride and groom by the end of this coming week (if not earlier).