Backyard Engagement | Valparaiso

Valparaiso, Indiana | Megan and Steve • We’ve shot at Aberdeen Manor at bunch of times over the years — Kylie and Ryan, Valerie and Rob, Kara and Matt — but never with anyone who live next door, or at least almost next door. That will change in April when we shoot Megan and Steve’s wedding there. Megan and Steve live right down the street. We met with them on the way down south to my parent’s house in Bloomington, Illinois. Cathy was going on a craft retreat with my mom and I was planning to work more on restoring an old Vespa of mine with my step-dad at his garage. It also happened to be the day we had found out we were having a baby! They had no idea, but suffice it to say our emotions were high and I’m sure we were a little giddy, kind of crazy, maybe nuts. Thankfully these two were okay with that and had a ton of fun with us walking all over the place to take photos in their neighborhood. When we shoot their wedding Cathy will be into her third trimester. It’s so crazy to even think about. We’re thrilled to and elated to spend the day with them and cannot wait to shoot their wedding!

Much Love,
Cathy and David

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