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Backyard Wedding on September 4th in Kouts, Indiana outside Valparaiso – (Post by David) That afternoon there were tons of butterflies everywhere but, none were flying in Anne or Isaac’s stomachs. These two were completely laid back all day and knew that their wedding day was going to be about relaxing, enjoying friends and family and just plain having fun celebrating their commitment to one another.

After an early morning rise and drive to Kouts, Indiana (which is near Valparaiso and we learned is pronounced ‘Cowts’ not ‘Coots’), we arrived at the home of Anne’s parents. Anne met us at the end of the gravel driveway with a big smile on her face and a hug and showed us all of the flowers that had been planted to surround the home. On the mass of zinnias was a variety of skipper butterflies that would take off and land as you passed them, occasionally landing on an arm or on Cathy’s flower embroidered camera bag. The tent was set up out back and family members rolled tables or carried chairs out to it while the cool breezes of the first touches of autumn drifted the smell of their gardens my way.

After a hug and leaving Cathy at the house I headed off to meet up with the groom, doing my best not to stop and take tons of photos of the gorgeous flowers (and play with butterflies). Isaac and his friends all met up at the local Panera for some breakfast (everything bagel with cream cheese for me) and stories. Somehow we all got to talking about Invader Zim and car engines — how those two topics got brought up together I have no idea.

Watching these two walk down the aisle together with bright smiling faces, their closest friends and family surrounding them as they got married beneath a white wooden arbor, I remembered why I love small weddings so much. Much like small towns, everyone knew everyone and they all had their own stories to tell. And while listening to family members have debates about Captain America while drinking old-family-recipe punch and having slices of one of many delicious cakes — from chocolate with raspberry preserves to french vanilla with lemon zest — I understood what the wedding day for these two was really about — family, love, and just being together.

Valparaiso, Indiana Wedding Vendors

  • Hair Stylist – Absolute Style
  • Florist – The mother of the groom, cut straight from the garden! 🙂
  • Ceremony and Reception Site – The backyard of the mother and father of the bride.
  • Punch – by the mother of the bride!
  • Cake Artist – Family friend who SERIOUSLY make the best wedding cake we’ve ever had!

Anne was knitting all morning. 😀

Don’t know why but hairspray + backlight are always one of my favorite things. 🙂

This is one of my favorites that Cathy got that morning. 🙂

Probably one of the prettiest days we’ve shot this year. 🙂

This just makes me want that cake all over again. 🙁

Is it strange that even though we live in the midwest we almost never get to work with corn? Love this. 😀

So we were giving them directions… lol.. I believe this one was “Oh no! There’s a cow in the road!”

Cat’s favorite of the day and definitely one of my faves too. 🙂 (…BTW on a side note… Apparently it’s spelled ‘faves’ and not ‘favs’. Cathy finally had to correct me last week because it was driving her crazy. Who knew…?)

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