Indianapolis Engagement Photography | Anna and Maris

Firstly, I just want to state how scared I was that the power was going to go out while working on these photos today. Also, while running an errand I saw a lightning bolt strike a light pole, and two cars nearly drown themselves on a flooded street. Ah yes, the joys of living in the midwest. Anyways, on with the entry!! 🙂

It’s not that often that you get to talk about old teachers on an engagement session. It just so happens we had the chance to do just that on this one! 🙂 As some of you may know, Cathy and I were originally designers, and we both went to Purdue (please don’t spread that around Bloomington.. I’m seriously scared now…) and got our degrees in VCD (Visual Communications Design). It turns out, so did Anna!! We got the chance to talk about our old buddies, Dennis Ichiyama and Petronio Bendito, two of our favorite teachers. We had some good laughs, and honestly I think most of these smiles were because of my terrible Brazilian accent impression of Petronio and I ended up sounding more like StrongBad than anything. Either way, we had so much fun with Anna and Maris who decided that the Indianapolis Museum of Art would be the location of their journey into love (how’s that for cheesy? :-D). 

Subliminal messaging? 🙂

The gardens were SERIOUSLY gorgeous!!!

I think this one is Cathy’s favorite. She loves these two together, and we think this and the previous one should be framed as such. 😀

How seriously in love do these two look??

Or is this one our favorite?? So hard to decide!

What’s great about this shot is that there was a wedding going on inside the IMA at the time we shot this! Cathy said this was like a preview of things to come. Haha!

Nope. This one is our favorite. 😀 For sure!!


We had SO MUCH fun shooting their session and we can’t wait to shoot their wedding in September!!! 

Thanks for reading! -David.

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